Spacing Saving Tips for Your Home

No matter the size of your home, you could still use more space or just a clutter free space. We’ve put together some space saving tips and tricks to make your home feel larger and less cluttered. Let’s take a look.

Built in storage

If you are able to play with your home a bit, try built in storage. Built in storage is a great way to make the room feel larger because it eliminates big, bulky furniture. With built in storage, you can get a little creative too. If you have stairs, you have a ton of space that you probably aren’t using. If you aren’t, it is time to take advantage of that room. If you want to keep the appearance of a normal staircase, you can leave it and make doors that look like the wall. If you are ok with removing the wall and opening it up, it can make a perfect nook for a desk or a play area.

Look Under Your Bed

Storing things under the bed is a great way to make a room look less cluttered, while adding a ton of storage. There are storage tubs that are meant to be used under the bed. Those tubs are rectangular with long sides. They have wheels so that you can easily slide them in and out.

Ditch Your Big Bulky Tech

Unless you work from home, there is no reason to keep a desktop computer. The large screens and modems, plus a keyboard takes up a ton of space. Not to mention, it doesn’t look that great. If you can switch to a laptop do it. Your laptop can be stored in a desk when you aren’t using it, making the room look more tidy.

Another household items that takes up a ton of room is your vacuum cleaner. You may not think of a vacuum being big and bulky, but it is. The taller handle make it awkward to store. Yes, you do have to keep a vacuum, but you can switch to a smaller, automatic vacuum. There are many options to choose from, so do your research to find the best robot vacuum to buy.

Multipurpose furniture

If you have a tiny space, you know that every foot matters. Even if you have enough space, extra furniture and items can really overpower any space. When choosing furniture, remember the possibilities. Can that piece of furniture serve more than one purpose. Can the dresser be used to hold the tv or jewelry box? Can a wardrobe cabinet store clothes and your electronics? Make every piece you buy count. Let that furniture work for you. Well planned furniture can save space and money.

When you are working with a small space or just trying to clean up the space you have, remember, less is more. Use all space that is available to you, whether it is under the bed or under the stairs. Declutter as much as you can, even if that means buying new electronics.

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