Sony Wena Wrist Smartwatch

Meet the Sony Wena Wrist, a “kinda smartwatch” aiming to bridge the gap between traditionalist timepieces and smart wearables. The collaborative effort with Japanese watchmaker Citizen Watch Co. resembles a typical watch, through the  smart, albeit limited, technology engineered into the surgical steel wristband. You get an NFC wallet, email and message notification via vibration and LED light and an activity/movement monitoring system connected to a compatible app via Bluetooth 4.0. Slated for a release in Japan in April 2016, the iOS-only quartz analog Wena Wrist is rated for continual use between battery replacements for three years and five years, but still requires a once a week charge of the wrist band to power its smart features.

Not sure if this halfway approach with wearables flies with the competition goes full touch screen, but it sure looks a lot better than the Apple Watch!





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