How to Make the Most of a Small Garden Space

Many modern homes have small garden spaces. With many houses squeezed into the same row, a garden isn’t always a design priority. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a cool, stylish outdoor space to relax, entertain or play in. Here are some great tips to help you make the most of your small garden.

Create Zones

This is normally a tip for dividing a bigger garden, but if you’ve got kids or use your garden to entertain guests it’s still a good idea in a smaller space. Creating a small play zone for the kids means they have a clear place to make a mess without worrying about the rest of your garden.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic at making a small space appear bigger, but not something people often think to use in their gardens. Add either one large or several small mirrors to one of your walls or fences to make the garden look like it carries on further. Positioning your mirrors on the wall or fence furthest away from your home works best, as that’s the area you most often look out on.

Clever Fencing

Garden fence panels don’t need to be boring and brown. Fence panels come in all different shapes and sizes. Painting them a lighter colour can make them seem less imposing as dark, tall fencing can make a small space claustrophobic and tight.

Use the View

If you have a great view or your neighbours have particularly nice gardens use it to your advantage. Have shorter fencing surround your garden so you can steal some of their views.


A small garden might mean that you don’t have space for flower beds. But, you can still add some pretty flowers. Window boxes, hanging baskets, and tall wall climbers are all fantastic options.


Smaller garden furniture, such as a small table with two chairs instead of a full set, or a simple bench against your walls all work very well in a small area. It’s even better if you can paint them bright colours to turn them into a feature.


Grass is great in any outdoor space. Walking on grass makes you instantly feel better and more relaxed. You may not think there is any point in a small garden as grass can take quite a lot of maintenance, but even a square of artificial grass can be exceptionally relaxing and encourage a playful mood.


Add colour to your furniture, fences, walls and accessories. It all helps to add depth and make your space look cosy and comfortable instead of small.


Having options when it comes to lighting allows you to control the atmosphere. In a small garden, it can also help you to brighten the space and make it seem more open after dark. Solar lighting gives you some great options, including post lights and lanterns.

Redesigning a garden gives you a great chance to have some fun. Experiment with colours and styles until you find what you want. Make sure it suits your personality and is a place where you feel instantly comfortable and relaxed.


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