Simple Wall Art Ideas to Customize Your Decor

Large photo galleries aren’t for everyone. For those who like to take a minimalist approach to their decor, it’s preferable to avoid the clutter and keep it simple yet eye-catching. When you take a minimalist approach to decor, your chosen pieces should have significance, be it function or emotional conveyance.

Here are some of the simple ways you can customize your decor by making art choices that won’t overpower the room.

Alternative Material Prints

The traditional canvas print is lovely, but it doesn’t compare to the conversation-inducing, jaw-dropping alternative materials that are now available. Bumblejax acrylic prints are face mounted to acrylic rather than printed directly on the material for a modern, frameless piece that refracts the light and makes your chosen image come to life. Their handcrafted aluminum prints provide an edgy look. Alternatively, have your image mounted to bamboo for a floating effect.

When trying to determine which alternative material print will work for you, consider the rest of your home decor. The benefit of choosing one of these styles is that you know the piece is going to last far longer than an image hanging in a glass frame.

Uncommon Objects

Wall art doesn’t need to be complex to be eye-catching. One of the best ways to decorate your kitchen is to use utensils hung in a creative way that adds flow to the room while providing storage. In a living room, floating shelves that hold books without showing the shelf underneath creates a whimsical combination of art and storage.

Again, the idea behind installing decor in your minimalist home is finding a way to succinctly convey an emotional response, make the art functional or both. A scattered series of hooks in your entryway filling the wall with individual hats might not seem artistic to some but will create nostalgia and memories of stories from their childhood in others. Be creative.

Take a DIY Approach

Thanks to the invention of Pinterest for sharing ideas, it’s easy to make art that looks expensive in the comfort of your own home, regardless of your artistic skills. Purchase a large canvas and channel your inner Picasso or Pollock. Take the lessons from a recent paint night event and expand the plans to create an oversized conversation piece.

Another option for those with romance in mind is to purchase a Love is Art kit for a unique approach to DIY art. The Love is Art kit comes with a canvas, body paint, and tarps for the ultimate abstract date night. Buy a mounting kit separately and showcase your art on the wall, with or without context.

Create a Clock

For another functional, fun approach to minimalist art, consider turning one of your walls into a clock. This is the perfect solution for wasted space areas, such as over a foyer or on the staircase wall of a split entry home. There are many ways you can do this: buy the kit and draw your clock around it or purchase a pre-made decal that will line up the numbers for you.

The DIY clock kits that you can purchase can also be integrated with your own clock design if you’re feeling artistic.

Art for the Sake of Art

Living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your love of art. One could argue that art pieces don’t fall under the same definition of clutter as other materialistic objects. If you wish to invest your money and space in art pieces simply because you love them, do so.

Remember that your art should cause an emotional response. How do you feel when you hold it? Does it bring you joy or remind you of something from your past? If not, it’s probably not the piece for you.

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