Simple Minimalist Ideas for your Wedding Registry

Many modern couples are stripping life down to the basics, owning and using only what’s necessary and opting out of the frivolous. Couples who enjoy the minimalist lifestyle have a life free of clutter and excess, but sometimes introduce some unforeseen complications. A minimalist wedding registry is the perfect example. “What do you get the person who already has everything?” is a question which can easily be answered with a target wedding registry gift list. “What do you get the person who wants nothing?” is nearly impossible to answer, but that’s why we’re here. 

If this sounds like you, read on to find out what to include on wedding registry for the minimalist couple. 

An Ounce Of Prevention: Cookware

A couple with a minimalist mentality very likely has a very small number of pots and pans. Though that may seem like enough, a few months or years after marriage will introduce new circumstances and lifestyles changes. They’ll find themselves adding to their collection over time and wind up with a mismatched set. If you’re wondering what to put on your wedding registry, make sure this is at the top of your list. A high quality set of pots and pans won’t rust as easily, won’t scratch as easily, and will cook your food more easily. Plus, buying them as a set ensures that they meet your style guidelines.

Attention To Detail: Salt And Pepper Grinders

The nice thing about the minimalist lifestyle is that each and every item has to be either a) consistently useful or b) visibly beautiful. Because minimalist couples don’t have a plethora of possessions it means that each and every item in their home can be the very best. Consider everyday item gifts for minimalists, but make sure that they’re absolutely stunning. Bring simple items like salt and pepper grinders to the next level by searching for top-of-the-line, gorgeously designed versions that they’d be proud to leave on display. 

Staying Sharp: High-End Kitchen Knives

Replace and improve. When assembling your list of wedding gift registry ideas, take stock of what you already have. There are plenty of things around the house that you wouldn’t consider “the very best”. Your kitchen knives, for example, could probably stand an upgrade. As the months and years pass you’ll find yourself cooking more and more. The quality of your knife plays a major role in regards to how enjoyable this time is. A heavy, dull knife will make this time feel like a chore. A set of folded steel Japanese knives will make prep work a delight. 

Bon Appetite: China and Silverware

Sometimes minimalism isn’t just the number of items you own, it’s your personal style. Well-designed china set are excellent things to add to wedding registry. Artistically-shaped, bone-white plates and bowls will look great in and out of the cupboard. A set means that you don’t have to be concerned with having too much or too little – each piece has its place. Asking for the best quality china on your minimalist wedding registry means longevity. Quality won’t flake or break in the dishwasher as lesser pieces tend to do. The same can be said for silverware. Good quality won’t bend or warp. Both options will look fantastic at your dinner parties. 

Sweat The Small Stuff: Sleek and Simple Bedding

Many couples underestimate the value of high-quality sheets, blankets, and duvets. When creating your minimalist wedding registry make sure to specify the size and style that you truly want. The right thread count and weight can make a world of difference when it comes to sleep quality, and the right look can really set off your minimalist style. 

The same rule applies for every other style piece that you put on your registry. Your aesthetic is very specific, so don’t leave anything up to interpretation to avoid disappointment or having to make exchanges. 

We hope this helps answer how to make a wedding registry. Get the best quality in sets to meet your style needs and avoid having to collect a hodgepodge of items over time. Replace sub-par items with your new gifts to keep your possessions to a minimum. Only choose items that you feel will be beautiful or functional when it comes to what to put on registry, and be very specific about style. When creating your list, keep these rules in mind and you should be fine.

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