Save Money By Keeping Your Gutters Clean

You may not give your rain gutters much thought but they are an important part of the protection of your home. Eavestroughs help to divert water and debris off of your roof and away from the walls and foundation of your home. Without an effective system, you could end up with expensive leaks and water damage.

If you live in an area that has varied seasonal weather, your eavestrough system should be kept in good working order. When debris from the changing of the seasons is left to sit and rot in your troughs it can lead to water damage, leaks and foundation issues in very little time.

It may seem like a hassle to get up and clean out your gutters every season but it is definitely worth it. Even if you don’t want to risk climbing a ladder yourself to do the job, you can always call in the professionals to do your gutter cleaning for you. Either way, keeping up on the maintenance and repair of your eavestrough system should be a priority for every homeowner.

Why Is It So Important?

The eavestrough system’s primary purpose is to easily collect and guide rainwater and melt water off of your roof and away from your home. Without gutters, your roof could collect too much moisture, causing a weakening of the surface and potential leaks. If water is allowed to just slosh off the sides of your roof without being channelled into a trough, you can end up with water damage down your surface walls and seeping into your foundation.

Maintenance Schedule

Your eavestrough maintenance schedule will largely be determined by your geographical area. If you are in a place that has a full range of seasons including winter and a rainy spring, you should be cleaning and repairing your gutters every three months. If your system is clogged with debris or leaves, a back-up can cause leaks to form quickly. 

Don’t overlook the condition of your downspouts. This is where the water and melting snow is directed off the roof. If your downspout is not placed properly it could be draining too close to your foundation lines, causing basement leaks or cracks. Always position your downspout away from your home and landscaping, and make sure that the water is heading away as much as possible.

DIY or Contractor?

It doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to keep your eavestrough system in good working order if you stick to a good maintenance schedule. A few times a year, you can drag out your ladder and clear debris out of your gutters with little fuss. Always make sure that you are placing your ladder on solid ground with a good base. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra person on the ground keeping things secure. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable or unable to get up to your gutters safely, it’s best to call in the professionals to get the job done. 

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