Rustic Minimalistic Décor for Your Bedroom

Having rustic features in your home is trending right now, probably because the natural materials create the perfect, effortless vibe that people want for their living space. However, having rustic décor does not mean your entire house has to have wooden beams and stone everywhere, you could simply incorporate several statement pieces within your bedroom to add a soft, country feel. 

Invest in Quality Products

Although homeowners spend enough on bills; from groceries, to electricity, to home warranty plans, buying décor for your bedroom does not have to be too expensive—but it is important to purchase quality items that you know will last. 

Wooden Ladder Bookcase

If you take a look on Pinterest, you only need to scroll down “rustic home décor inspiration” for a couple of seconds to be bombarded with stunning wooden ladder bookcases. Not only does a hint of wood in your bedroom enable the beautiful rustic effect, but it is also a practical piece that can be purposeful in your room, either for storing books or displaying dainty ornaments you would like on show.

Stone Candle Holder 

Stone is another natural material that adds a rustic feel to any room, particularly when it is used delicately, and one such example of this is a candle holder. Whether you decide to have a candle on your bedside table, or on top of your dresser next to other complementing natural materials and colors, it will add a gorgeously minimal rustic effect to your bedroom. 

Clay Ornaments

Unlike wood and stone, clay is a more recently trending material that people are using in their homes; particularly for ornaments such as body-shaped vases and other more unusual, edgy designs. Not only will clay add a rustic vibe into your bedroom, but it will also possess a modern spin on your rustic theme, which may fit better with the décor used in the rest of your house.

Clay ornaments for your bedroom could include:

  • An abstract face trinket tray
  • A mini-heart decorations on a string
  • A small animal family of elephants
  • Succulent pots

Wooden Blinds

One of the less obvious ways in which you can make a statement in any room, is through the blinds or curtains you use. However, your bedroom should receive particular consideration when it comes to selecting your blinds, as you want to feel as relaxed and comfortable in your room as possible, which is why wooden materials would be the best option. 

Wicker Basket 

Every bedroom needs storage space, and a large wicker basket—whether used for laundry or for storing other household items—would be the perfect rustic touch to a bedroom. 

Before purchasing, decide what color of wicker would best complement your room. If you have white bed sheets, and a white dresser for example, a white wicker basket will best suit the overall ambience of your room. 

Whether you are looking to add rustic features into your bedroom, or your entire house, you do not have to sacrifice your eye for minimalism when you use feature décor. Remember that natural textures and materials will add the country vibe you are going for.

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