Reasons Why YOU Should Choose Steel Framing in Your Next Decking Project

Versatile and cost-efficient, steel deck framing is a wise investment for your next decking project, lasting around 25 years or more. A steel deck frame guarantees stability and can be designed for any material as well as project complexity. They are faster to assemble and lighter as they can be designed to have a light structure without sacrificing strength and durability. 

Delta Decks have been utilizing the advantages of deck steel framing for years providing expert solutions for any project, big or small. Concrete has always been an adaptable material and is popular in creating unique designs. Combining the flexibility of steel and concrete’s strength, this steel composite decking system provides a long-lasting deck framing that’s most especially beneficial for elevated decks. 

Reasons to Choose Deck Steel Framing:

  1. Steel is sustainable. 
  2. Safer than wood. 
  3. Low-maintenance. 
  4. Compatible with any type of framing. 
  5. Resistant to fire, rot, and boring insects. 
  6. Fast and quick installation. 
  7. Minimal use of materials. 
  8. Can outlast your deck boards. 
  9. Clean and modern look. 
  10. Higher property appraisal. 

Can you build a deck with a steel frame?

Yes, you can build a steel-frame deck. Think like building blocks with modular parts that easily interlock when joined. Steel frames use an interlocking and ledger system that creates a stable and strong framing. Since steel frames are malleable, you can get modular parts or manufacture customized parts for unusual and even frame curved deck designs. 

While arguably, steel decks in a residential deck setting are more costly than traditional deck framing, the saving on time and cost, as well as the safety of your investment, outweighs the expense. Professional deck builders such as Delta Decks provide cost-effective solutions that cover your needs while staying within your expected cost. They provide innovative techniques to make every installation as cost-effective as much as possible. 

How do you attach decking to the steel frame?

After steel posts are embedded on concrete footing sets, supporting deck beams are fastened using self-tapping rust-resistant structural screws. Delta Decks only use commercial-grade components on all projects. Then, install steel beam bridge is installed on top of the deck beam. Steel beam bridges are components that come with punched holes that fit the joists to pass through, creating a sturdy connection. The joists come with the assigned length, so there’s no need for cutting of joists once they arrive on-site during installation. Once all the joists are in place, a rim joist is installed on the opposite ends of the deck frame. Pre-drilled holes are provided for the rim joist for faster and more precise connections. Mid-span bridging is also installed for the frame for greater stability of your decking frame.  

Deck clips and undermounts are used to attach the steel frame to your decking system. 

How long will a steel deck last?

Steel deck frames last around 25 years or more compared to lumber frames, which last around 10 years on average. Steel decks are fast, easy to install, and long-lasting as they won’t rot or warp like wood, as the metal’s ability to withstand moisture absorption prevents faster decomposition.  

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