Reasons Why Buying a Dry Bag Might Be a Good Idea

If you are used to the great outdoors, be it cycling or running to and from work, trips out of an evening or at the weekend, perhaps you even work outdoors in some interesting conditions, in which case you will know precisely how damaging water can be to your possessions. Some of the better waterproof covers do a good job, but they just aren’t the same as a proper ‘dry bag’ and here are the reasons why;

  1. Protect your valuables from damage – Most importantly, if you have expensive equipment or items that are prone to water damage then a dry bag is absolutely for you. For example, if you jog or run to and from work and need to carry your laptop in your bag, then the last thing you want is even the smallest bit of water getting in and damaging the computer whilst you are on your journey. Water getting directly onto computer hardware is not a good mix, you might not even be aware until you go to turn your device on and well, it just doesn’t.
  2. Multi use for every purpose – The great thing about something like a multipurpose dry bag from Feelfree Gear is just as the name suggests, they are multipurpose so you get a lot of bang for your buck. They look great too, so it doesn’t just have to be your everyday commute protection, you could take it to the beach, fishing, whatever you do, your bag will be up to the task.
  3. Stay safe and think Hygiene – A really important feature these days, making sure your bag is easy to clean will be something you thank your lucky stars for. With a dry bag they are really easy to clean both inside and out, because of the materials used, most splashes or spills can be easily wiped clean.
  4. Be smart and Keep your clothes dry – Regardless of your journey you will want dry clothes where you are going and that is all in the design of your bag, there is nothing worse than taking smart clothes in a bag and on the way the heavens open leaving you with very un-smart wet clothes
  5. Did someone say food? – Most packaged food will be ok, but if you have taken the time to prepare some delicious treats, then they should enter your mouth the way you intended them to. You may have never experienced a ‘soggy sandwich’ and lucky for you. Think about it for a moment and you’ll appreciate the importance of keeping your food dry.

Seems to make sense – There don’t appear to be any downsides of owning a dry bag really unless you want damaged or wet goods which are highly unlikely. Whether you work outdoors in the marine world or use the bag for commuting or even leisure, everybody who is likely to encounter any amount of water crossed with any of the above should own a dry bag, it makes complete sense.

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