Questions To Ask A San Francisco Elevator Company

Installing an elevator in your property in San Francisco is an excellent investment. This is especially true if you’re living with disabled family members or your business employs disabled individuals. Aside from providing accessibility and convenience to the disabled, an elevator can also improve the overall aesthetic and value of your property. But with the number of elevator companies operating in San Francisco, do you know which one to choose? Or better yet, do you know which factors to consider when choosing?

Having an elevator in your house or office is beneficial. However, before you can enjoy its benefits, you have to be careful with the elevator company you choose to hire. You’re basically entrusting your money and property to them, which is why you should come up with a sound decision. To help you out with this task, don’t forget to ask the following questions when hiring a San Francisco elevator company:

1.    How long have you been in the industry?

The experience of the elevator company is an important consideration. As a paying customer, you don’t want to give your money to a company that doesn’t have any idea on how to properly install an elevator in your property. If you’re already eyeing to hire a specific elevator company in San Francisco, make sure that you ask about their experience in the industry. Reputable elevator companies such as Nationwide Lifts will have a good track record as a business. 

2.    Can you provide a list of references?

A reputable elevator company will not only tell you that they’re the best in the industry; they will actually prove it to you by providing a list of references of their past clients. Always ask for a list of references before hiring an elevator company. When you already have this list, take time to call these customers and ask about their experience with the elevator company. Since they had first-hand experience with the elevator company, you can be assured that the information they share is accurate. You can also ask about the level of customer service and the costs of the services. 

3.    Are you licensed and insured?

There are a lot of elevator companies in operation today, which makes it very easy for you to hire one. However, for you to get the best deal, the convenience of hiring one shouldn’t be your only consideration. You should make sure that the elevator company you’re hiring is licensed and insured, and ask for supporting documents. Don’t just take their word for it because there are a lot of scammers today. 

4.    How long will the project take?

Before you say “yes” to an elevator company, ask how long will the project take. This information is essential, especially if you’re planning to have an elevator installed in your office. You don’t want your business operations to be affected just because of an elevator installation. This is just one of the reasons why knowing the timeline of the project is important. It’ll help you come up with solutions to accommodate the installation better.

5.    How much should I pay you?

Regardless of how experienced an elevator company is, if you can’t afford their services, you will have second thoughts about hiring them. Sure, you might be able to have an elevator installed in your home or office, but you can’t enjoy this amenity when you’re covered in debt. Falling into a financial turmoil just because you hired an elevator company can adversely affect your life in the long run. You can save yourself from this kind of situation by being financially prepared before hiring. To do this, simply ask the elevator company the cost of their services and what factors can contribute to these costs. The more information you have, the easier it’ll be for you to determine how much money should you prepare. 

Since you’re already asking about the costs, also inquire about their accepted modes of payment. Do they accept credit cards or cash only? Are you required to pay a down payment before the project? 

Don’t Make Any Rash Decisions

The elevator company you’ll end up hiring can drastically affect your experience both as a customer and as a homeowner. If you hire an elevator company that is inexperienced but offers cheap prices, you’ll spend more on the repair and replacement costs. In addition, this might pose as a safety risk for all those who will use the elevator. Make sure that you don’t experience any of these by taking the time to consider different factors regarding the installation before hiring an elevator company. 

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