Question to Ask a Reclaimed Wood Minneapolis Company When Choosing Your Floor

Reclaimed wood, which comes from wall paneling, floors, and beams from demolished buildings, is rich in history. While it can add a unique charm and beauty into your home, it is also considered an eco-friendly building solution. If you’re planning to use this kind of wood, it’s wise to check out the reclaimed wood Minneapolis company you’ll get the wood from. Here are some questions to ask them to ensure that you only get genuine reclaimed wood:

Is your reclaimed wood authentic?

The natural beauty of reclaimed wood has made it so trendy that many manufacturers are producing barn wood substitutes. There could be manufacturers just pretending that they are selling old wood but they’re artificially aged or treated with various finishes to look like antique wood. It’s your right to know as the buyer and end user of the material that you’re getting the real thing. Supporting local industries is also essential in looking for a reclaimed wood company for your flooring project.

What kind of material is it taken from?

If you’re looking for wood flooring, it’s best to look for something that’s taken from thick timbers such as beams, carrier timbers, or thick floor boards. When taken from these materials, you can be sure that they can provide stable boards with unchanging character without compromising the board’s integrity. What you don’t want is for your floor to be sawn with tenon holes, which makes it a weaker material to use.

How are the wood panels made?

One of the things you need to know in purchasing reclaimed lumber is its defects or allowed tolerances. Usually, the raw material undergoes metal detection, pressure washing, re-sawing, kiln drying, sterilizing, calibrating for dimensions, inspection, and packaging. The final product are straight boards with no insects, no nails, and are clean and safe.

Is your reclaimed wood kiln-dried?

Many people think that old wood doesn’t need this step since they’re already stable and dry. However, skipping this step will cause big problems with your wooden floor. Without kiln drying, you floor can crown, cup, or result in insect infestation. Ensure that you get reclaimed wood that has been kiln-dried to guarantee its stability and performance, as well as avoid insect infestation.

What are the lengths and widths of the reclaimed wood flooring?

Old wood is rich in color and character so if you’ll get narrow and short floor boards, the overall look will be unnatural and busy. Since reclaimed wood is a finite resource, most people think that they are stuck with whatever is left of a demolished building. But it’s not always the case since a good company will ensure good procurement practices to provide only the best reclaimed wood with the widest and longest boards. It would be great to get an average wood width of 6 to 7 inches and an average length of 5 to 6 inches long.

Will I get straight reclaimed boards?

It’s essential that your reclaimed wood floor be straight when you get them, which is properly done by a straight-line ripping process before milling. Long boards may also come with a slight bow because of their length. However, your floor will look best if the boards are perfectly straight.

How will the wood be packaged and shipped?

After milling, each wooden plan will be inspected by hand. Reclaimed wood companies also have a packing machine that ensures that the wood boards are packed correctly and that you are getting the right size of material. Some manufacturers will ship you random-sized planks. It’s important that you know this information upfront. Learn how fast their lead time is to properly plan for your project.

For how long have you been offering reclaimed wood?

You have the right to know how long they’ve been running their business. The longer they’ve been offering reclaimed wood in the market means they’re doing their job well.

What is the order process?

If you’ve finally decided to purchase reclaimed wood from the manufacturer, the next thing to know is how to make your order. When placing your order, ensure that you purchase extra material to avoid running short on reclaimed wood for your flooring. Finally, you should check out the company’s website and review the cost of the wood paneling, including shipping.

Final Thoughts

Reclaimed wood is an ideal flooring material that’s expected to endure for many years ahead. There’s something timeless about antique wood that also adds a natural charm into your home. It provides a strong, unique character that will enhance your space while also helping preserve the environment. In choosing a reclaimed wood company, ensure that you find one that’s responsible and trustworthy, which will help provide you authentic and high-quality old wood panels for your flooring.

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