Plumbing Tips: 5 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew

Plumbers are our saviors who save us from miserable problems. In case of any plumbing problem, everything becomes a mess and you become stressed. We need plumbing services to make our daily life easy and problem-free. But we need to know a few things that a plumber wishes us to know to avoid problems. 

We get into drainage and leakage problems because we don’t care about things. We make some mistakes that should be avoided. Moreover, these mistakes also make the work of a plumber more difficult. So, we are going to discuss five things that plumbers wish us to know.

Tips from Your Plumber

Here are a few things that every plumber wishes people knew.

Avoid Grease in the Drain Pipe

Most people don’t understand, but grease is the major cause of creating plumbing problems. If you put grease, oil or anything else in your drain, then grease will stick on the walls of the drain pipe. It will reduce the area of the pipe and finally it will create a blockage. People throw grease while washing plates and cleaning. 

It creates clogs, especially in cold weather. In winter, grease sticks and creates a blockage. It will create a big mess. Moreover, it is not easy to clean pipe, sometimes you need to change the drainpipe. 

You should not put grease in any way. If there is any clog in your drain pipe, then call the plumber as soon as possible. If the clog is due to grease and you don’t call the plumber soon, then the grease will become solid and the pipe will be hard to clean.

Stay Away from Using Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners can sometimes make your situation worse. These are very dangerous, especially for old pipes. Imagine you have an old pipe and there is a clog due to any reason. If you pour dangerous cleaners in your pipe, then it can weaken the pipe or cause any leakage. It is true that such cleaners are easily available, and they can clean the pipe temporarily, but they can be more problematic. 

Before, using the cleaner, you should see the problem using common plumbing tools. This will help you to know about the problem and you can easily tell the plumber about it. After seeing the problem, call for a plumbing service as soon as possible.

Avoid Throwing Waste in the Garbage Disposal 

Many times, your garbage disposal gets clogged due to food residues and peels of the vegetables or fruits. Your garbage disposal is not a waste container or bin. 

It will create problems if you throw everything in it. So, you should take out the peels and throw them in the bin. It is better to clean plates and throw the residue in the bin before cleaning them under the tap. It will make your life a lot easier.

The same is the case with toilets, avoid throwing things in it. They will create jams in the future.

Flush the Water Heater Once a Year

People use water heaters in their homes, but they don’t care about the deposition of minerals and particles inside the water heater. When there is deposition in your water heater, it does not allow your heater to function properly. 

Moreover, these deposits in the tank and reduce the storage space. You should clean your water heater every year and ask a professional plumber to do that. It will allow your heater to work properly for years.

Don’t Ignore Water on the Toilet Floor

Sometimes people ignore water on the toilet floor, but this is necessary to be addressed quickly. This usually happens due to any leakage or deterioration of the toilet seal. 

If the seal has deteriorated, then the water will leak on the floor. Moreover, the water will also discolor your tiles. There can be molds under the tile too. 

So, if you don’t address the problem quickly, then you will have to pay a lot in the future to repair the flooring. Therefore, you should call a plumbing service and sort out the leakage problem as soon as possible.


We should take care of things to avoid plumbing problems. If there is any problem, then it should be addressed as soon as possible. 

We have provided some tips that plumbers wish you knew, these tips will make things easier. Moreover, you should ask a professional plumber to inspect your plumbing at least once a year.

Follow the above tips and avoid plumbing problems!

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