Perfect femme den

Articles on the internet are always about perfect man cave but what about femme den? A perfect she-shed is your personal retreat. It’s a craft corner, your reading space, your makeup room, your home office, your writers’ place… It’s whatever you make it be. Femme den reflects taste, personality, and your desires. Take a look at our tips and you will surely find something that will suit you and that will add a special touch to your room.

A vanity place

Once you have organized your jewelry, you will finally have a good idea of ​​the pieces you’ve been collecting for years. You will also have new ideas and inspiration which direction you would like to take, and how to combine them in new ways. You will also know what you need to buy next, and if you need more inspiration check it out here.

If you don’t have enough space on your vanity desk, place your jewelry on the wall. Specially designed wall frames with hiding holders for various accessories could be ideal for you. You can create them yourself or find them online.

Let there be lights!

LED strips are a “must-have” this year. The best ones are white, as they work best with any wall color, but you can choose other colors if you prefer. You can also buy dimmer switches. LED strips are self-adhesive and can be glued everywhere, from cabinets to walls.

Functional and decorative Mirrors

If you want the best way to save space while making the room larger, the best choice is the mirrors that are installed on the closet door. This will give you an ideal location and maximum functionality. If you find the right spot on the wall, the mirror will cast an incredible amount of natural light on the rest of the room.

A round mirror can create a balance in a room full of other geometric shapes. If you have high ceilings, try installing a large, old-fashioned mirror. Decorative mirrors are equally important – they will always easily fit into your interior.

Arts and crafts

Photos mostly represent our favorite things, friends, memories… The easiest way to show photos is to hang them on the wall or put them on a huge billboard and create a huge “photo wall”. They will decorate your wall, and every time you look at them, you will remember the most beautiful moments in your life.

The artworks show creativity and beauty. Hanging your work on the wall is the best thing you can do to freshen up your space, as it shows your creative side and represents you. You can also use artworks that will inspire you daily to feel great and do great things.

Add some color

Colors are a great way to freshen up and create a cheerful atmosphere. If you find something boring in the room – paint it (if there is a possibility). You can also take self-adhesive foils and completely change the look of a cupboard, dresser or bedside table. Great, isn’t it? There are so many colors you can combine. To get started, take a color palette and select one or more of them. Try to find decorations in those specific colors.


Reading books is a great way to spend your free time, and it is fun to embark in the fantasy world we create by reading. Create your own reading space. Add a comfortable chair next to your bookshelf and position a beautiful lamp next to the chair so there will always be enough light for you to read. Add a blanket, a pillow, and a coffee table next, and you will have a perfect reading place.

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