Oru Kayak’s The BAY+

Founded in 2012, Oru Kayak is the leading innovator in the kayaking industry and the first to bring a foldable kayak to market utilizing the principals of origami. Oru Kayak’s mission is to connect people to the outdoors – even those who live in cities. Their first product, a 12′ folding kayak, has won numerous industry and design awards. The foldable design and engineering of Oru Kayaks are both ingenious and simple. Made from a single, seamless sheet of double-layered, recyclable plastic, a patented pattern of folds transforms the flat sheet into sleek, fast, high performance watercraft. And now they’ve come out with an updated version of it!

The BAY+ has all the awesomeness of their original Bay kayak, plus more. It combines deluxe comfort, extra features and storage, even faster assembly, and eye-catching graphics. Packed up, the Bay+ is the size of a large artist’s portfolio.


It requires just five minutes of assembly to transform it into a strong, durable boat – ideal for exploring bays, lakes, or rivers. Don’t believe it? Here’s a timelapse video that shows how quick and easy this thing is put together!

And here’s proof that the kayak actually works – even in tough conditions.

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