The Idea Checklist: 10 Things to Have Around in Your House That Will Help You Organize the Best Kids’ Party of All Time

Planning a party for children can be a fun and exciting time because the possibilities are endless. Entertaining children is not difficult, but it does help if there are a few things already planned and readily available. Below are 10 items or ideas to have around when you are planning on having a lot of kids in your home at one time.

Comfortable Seating

Kids love to sit together and play various games on the floor. Fombag bean chairs are a great addition to any party because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Such chairs span various age groups because of their durability and comfort they provide children.

If you are having a specific themed party, you can choose from different animal shapes, action figures, colors, and more. These bean bags have multiple purposes, such as using them as seating to play various games, including board games, video games, watching a movie, or simply hanging out. Not only are bean bags great for parties, but they can be used every single day by the whole family.

Bounce Houses

A bounce house is a great addition to any party whenever the weather allows it. Depending on the age of the kids present, you can choose from different ones that have features ranging from water slides to obstacle courses and come in many sizes. Not only that, but there are different themes to choose from ranging from castles to various shows suitable for children.

Bounce houses are great for kids of all ages and provide entertainment for many hours. The best thing about renting one is that the company will set it up and will return to take it down at the agreed-upon time. A bounce house will keep the kids from running around the house and keep them busy so that the adults can enjoy themselves, too.

A Variety of Board Games and Activities

If the weather is not conducive to allow kids to play outside, then make sure you have plenty of games on hand to keep them entertained. Depending on how many kids you have, consider setting up stations that have a different board game at each one. Divide the kids up into groups, and have them rotate until every child has a chance to visit each station. Depending on how old the kids are, you may be able to get them started and then leave them alone while they play and the adults can socialize.

Food and Snacks

Kids love to eat and snack on a variety of food items while they are at the party. To make sure kids eat, have different items appropriate for children that are both healthy and tasty. For example, pinwheels, pigs in a blanket, fruit, popcorn, and pretzels are only a few of the many healthy and tasty food items you can serve kids and adults.

Depending on the size of the party, you can either choose to prepare the food yourself, or you can get it catered (which is probably the easier of the two options). Catering such a party should not be difficult, especially if you limit it to smaller sandwiches, a couple of sides, and dessert.


When it comes to decorations, you can go over-the-top or keep it as simple as you would like. Simply order items online or visit a local party supplies store. For example, banners, table cloths, plates, napkins, balloons, and party favors are a few of the many items you can include.

Photo Props

Taking pictures is a great way to commemorate a special event for your child. To make it even more special, consider incorporating a photo backdrop with props. Children and adults can get pictures taken so they will have memories for many years to come.


To create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, consider creating a playlist with kids’ favorite tunes. The music tempo should match the activities the kids are engaged in. Remember to keep the music at an appropriate volume so that it is not too loud or too soft. There are many apps to choose from that will allow you to choose from an endless list of music suitable for all age groups.


Besides the food, having a variety of drinks for kids to choose from is important. Because all parents have different rules when it comes to soda consumption, it is best to stay away from such options. Instead, choose to offer them juice, such as apple, grape, or fruit punch. If you would like to make your punch, there are many recipes online that incorporate ice cream into the drink mixture. As always, make sure you have small bottles of water for those that prefer water.

Adult Beverages

Although it is not necessary, it is thoughtful and appreciated if the host provides adult beverages for the parents staying with their kids throughout the party. This allows parents to socialize a bit with each other so they can have a good time while their children are entertained for a couple of hours.

Party Favors

Lastly, including party favors for your guests is a great way to thank them for attending your party. Kids love getting a little bag filled with small candy and toys to take home and enjoy in the coming days. This does not have to cost you much. You can either buy favor bags already put together or make them yourself.

Planning a party for a child is not a difficult task, especially if you remember a few key items. For example, entertainment and food options are rather important, especially because the party is held in your home. Talk with your child and work together to determine the theme of your party and what games they would like. Having plenty of activities will allow the kids to choose what they would like to ensure everyone has a good time.

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