Newest Technologies Every Minimalist Should Have

Minimalism has taken over the world like a storm. Everyone has been obsessed on how they can reduce their luxuries and go back to the basics. However, being a minimalist does not mean you have to compromise on technology, style, performance and durability.

In short, minimalism means getting more from less. The newest technologies can get in the way of being a minimalist because of design features that can dilute functionality — and there are all those tangled wires and cables! However, there are a few new technologies available on the market which are exquisitely designed for minimalists.

Here are a few recommendations:

Dot and Line Wristwatch

In an effort to help the minimalist reimagine time, a wristwatch brand has invented the perfect timekeeper. The minimalist design of this watch uses a single dot to represent the hour and a single line to note the minutes. While the competition is tough in the market, this simple yet impressive design immediately stood out from the others. To add to its minimalist theme, the wristwatch has been designed with a single-colored dial that perfectly matches the dot and hand.

Cordless Underwater Tools

Nemo Power Tools have launched the first and only line of cordless underwater tools. The ultimate in practicality, these tools will allow you to downsize your tool collection to just the essentials since they can be used both above and below the water’s surface. And to top it off, they are wireless which means hassle-free work that satisfies your minimalist nature.

Swyp Card

Today’s smart cards can register debit, credit and rewards for using them. However, when they were released a few years ago, they were not designed to be suitable with the credit card chip system in the United States. They also needed to be replaced every year since their batteries weren’t rechargeable.

The Swyp Card is a minimally constructed, rechargeable smart card with a battery that is expected to last for over a year. According to the developers, the card is EMV compatible and can store up to 25 cards. The card has a button you can press which lets you scroll through the various cards you have stored.

The Light Phone

This no-fuss phone is a bit pricey and it requires a bit of commitment. However, if you want to cut a few distractions in your life, this minimalist phone is definitely a must-have. You can transmit your calls to this glossy, palm-sized gadget but it does not allow texting or the utilization of apps. As a minimalist, it helps you focus more on the important things and ease you into a more productive day.

Q iPhone Dock

Putting your mobile phone on a glamorous stage, this durable and all-metal charger keeps your smartphone upright. With no distracting designs, the Q iPhone dock is simple yet beautiful. At the top of this charger is a cut out to grip the Apple Lightning Charger while its base provides additional stability because of its powerful suction feet.

Goby All-Black Toothbrush

State-of-the-art brushing kits have too many styles and features but the one from Goby makes it all about simplicity. Coming in an all-black hue, this brush uses modern technology to clean all the hard to reach parts of your mouth. It is the best way to promote minimalism in your day to day routine.Embarking on your quest to live a minimalist life is a big decision. Saving space inside your home and sorting through the things you need can be a daunting task. However, if you have enough patience and will, you will find that living the minimalist way provides you with physical and mental benefits you could never have achieved from your previous way of life.

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