Modern Side Tables To Spice Up Your Room Decor

One of the many joys in life is being able to create a space that defines who you are, allows you to feel at home, and creates a sense of safety and peace. Designing the rooms you’ll spend a large portion of your life in is an exciting challenge that can have big payoffs. 

A lot of different factors go into creating the ultimate space for you to call home. Choosing a design style, figuring out the Fung Shui of your energy, and how it can best serve you, all the way to accent pieces. Accent pieces are some of the most powerful ways you can take a design and make it truly your own. These decisions may not be immediately noticeable to many people, but that’s what makes them so special. They mean something to you and they are a powerful way to practice self-expression through your choices.

Perhaps one of the most impressive ways to show off your style is by spicing up your decor with a modern side table. Side tables are the silent hero of many interior designs. They may not always be immediately noticeable compared to something as prominent as a couch or area rug, however, their impact is always appreciated. 

These devices live in our homes and help to keep daily operations running smoothly. Acting as one of the most convenient means of transient storage, they collect everything from your even glass of wine to the extra phone charger and more.

If you have been looking for ways to change up your favorite rooms with modern side tables, here is everything you need to know. 

What is Modern Design?

If you are new to the world of design or are just getting started, you may not know exactly what the term ‘modern’ means. Modern, different than contemporary, is indicative of an era that has already passed. This was the modern era typically considered the 1950s and 1960s when technology was on the rise and people were wanting something to move them out of the art deco era. 

Art deco is a style of design that is often associated with the 1920s. It’s rich, textured, uses bold colors that contrast rather than complement, and relies heavily on geometry. Art deco is a very beautiful form of design, and the patterns used were often busy, full, and robust. There was very little about these designs that were muted, tame, or minimal. The modern era emerged as a chance to see self-expression in a more simple, elegant, and streamlined light. 

The modern design itself is a method of design that focuses on clear, strong lines, monochromatic colors, and more minimalistic choices. This design focuses a lot more on inspiration from nature and minimalist philosophies. Rather than, like its predecessor art deco, relying on geometry to exhibit patterns, the modern era saw patterns in nature. 

Stone And Wood

With the emphasis that modern design takes on natural beauty and organic patterns, one of the most important things to decide on is whether you want your side table to be made of wood or stone. Most modern designs utilize black or copper metals to bring their pieces together, and both of these metals can eloquently compliment either stone or wood. 

Stone provides a much colder, more sterile, and minimized environment. If you are trying to create a space that promotes feelings of calm reflection, then choosing a piece created from a single-piece design could be just the thing.

Wood designs see a little more variety, even tho modern designed side tables will always be streamlined and minimalistic. With wood, you can have lighter stains that show more of that natural, organic pattern from the wood grain itself. Conversely, you can always go darker and forgo the more prominent natural patterns, but still maintain the warmer experience of a wooden side table as opposed to a stone. 

How Important is Storage?

When choosing a side table, as important as the design is for your self-expression, so is the question of function. What are you planning on doing with your side table? How much storage and room do you need? 

These questions help to narrow down the field or broaden your options. If you find that you have a real need for some kind of storage, whether that’s remotes, magazines, or just nicknacks – invest in a side table that features drawers. These designs can be larger, but remember that these accent pieces serve a practical purpose before aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if you find that you don’t typically have much more need for a side table besides placing the occasional beverage, you can look for a smaller, more minimalist design. 


Finding the right kind of side table that suits your needs is a fun experience and a chance to do something unique with your livin

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