Minimalistic Ways to Save Money On Plumbing Repairs

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Plumbing problems often happen at the most inopportune time, wreaking havoc on your home and ruining your day. If not fixed immediately, plumbing problems can become major issues that require costly repairs, wiping out your monthly budget within no time. On average, most homeowners pay $300 whenever they hire a plumber to fix a problem with their plumbing system. The more time they spend fixing your plumbing issue, the more money you’ll end up paying.

It’s crucial that you maintain your plumbing system and take the necessary measures to reduce plumbing problems and cut down on repair costs. One of the ways to achieve this is by seeking the services of a professional plumber like Thomas & Galbraith whenever you have a plumbing issue in your home to have it fixed immediately before it becomes a bigger problem. In this post, we’ll look at some easy ways that you can save money on your home’s plumbing repairs:

1.  Prevent Buildups in Drains

Clogged or damaged drains can cost you a lot of money in water damage and repair costs. However, most people don’t maintain their drains until they become completely clogged. Proper drain maintenance can help prevent buildups and ensure your drains are in perfect working condition. You can avoid buildups by not pouring cooking grease down the drains because it can solidify and build up inside the pipe. You can prevent grease build up inside your drains by pouring baking soda and vinegar solution plus hot water at least once every month.

Avoid cleaning your drains with cleaners that contain harsh chemicals since they can damage the pipes, which can be costly to replace. Instead, consider using a plumbing auger to break up any clogs inside the pipes and clear your drains. You should also consider placing strainers on all drains in your home to keep hair and other particles from getting into your drains and clogging them.

2.  Insulate Exposed Pipes

Exposing your pipes to colder temperatures can cause them to freeze and crack or even burst. This can cause massive damage to your plumbing, requiring costly repairs to redo your entire plumbing. This usually happens when water freezes inside the pipes and expands, breaking them. You can prevent this plumbing issue and save money on repairs by adequately insulating all exposed pipes in your home.

Alternatively, consider keeping all cabinet doors under your sinks open to allow circulation of warm air and ensure cold water drips from the faucets when cold outside. Measure the length of the exposed pipes to ensure you purchase enough insulation to sufficiently insulate your pipes and keep them from freezing during the colder winter months. 

3.  Check Your Plumbing Regularly

Another great way to reduce plumbing repair costs is by fixing minor plumbing problems yourself. To do that, however, you need to know some common signs of plumbing problems. This way, you can quickly identify a potential plumbing problem and immediately fix it, preventing more problems in the future and saving you from doing major repairs.

Check your plumbing regularly for signs of damage and other issues, including leaks. Common signs of plumbing issues include increased water bills, strange noise from your pipes, slow drainage, and reduced water pressure. If you notice any of these signs, you need to take action and address the problem immediately. There are many DIY resources available online, including YouTube videos that can guide you on how to perform simple plumbing repairs on your own.

While you can fix most minor plumbing issues on your own, trying to repair complicated plumbing problems yourself to save money can worsen it. This way, you may end up paying more to get the problem fixed.You should always let a professional plumber handle major repairs on your home’s plumbing system. This can help ensure the problem is fixed correctly using suitable materials and replacements, preventing additional problems in the future and saving you a lot of money and time in the long run.

4.  Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

Not addressing plumbing issues early can worsen them, potentially causing massive water damage to your property and valuables. You may also incur more costs to repair major plumbing issues than minor ones. Consider having a professional plumber regularly inspect your home’s plumbing system. This can help you catch existing and potential damages to your plumbing early and repair them immediately. This prevents minor issues from becoming more extensive and more costly problems.


While major plumbing problems can be costly and more complicated to fix, staying on top of preventative measures can keep them from happening in the first place. With the simple tips discussed above, you can save huge on plumbing repairs in your home. Be sure to find a reputable plumber who can help keep your plumbing in perfect condition at a competitive rate.

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