Minimalist Home Design Ideas That Won’t Drain Your Wallet

Minimalist home décor can save tremendous amounts of space and adds style to your otherwise bland looking home. However, keeping up with minimalist trends could hit your budget rather hard. Minimalist style doesn’t need to be awfully expensive, which, ironically, is contrary to the philosophy of the design. Read below for several worthwhile tips on how you can adopt a minimalist style at home without having to take out a loan:

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Furniture can clutter a room like no other. Furniture is also quite expensive. There’s a way to tackle both of these problems with one figurative stone. Instead of spending a lot of money on traditional furniture, buy modern, multi-purpose furniture. 

Multi-purpose furniture often doubles as storage space in addition to doing the work of the typical household desk or chair. You can save a lot of space by buying a desk that can also be a storage cabinet in the living room. And you will save money in the process by buying only one item instead of two. It’s an easy win-win for minimalist homeowners on a budget. 

Allow in More Light

Sunlight is free and won’t cost you a penny. Unfortunately, some homes let this free resource go to waste. Canadian homes are largely designed to preserve insulation because of the cold climate. This sometimes comes at the cost of large windows that let in lots of sunlight during the warmer days. 

A well-lit room doesn’t need much decoration. Lots of light can even enhance your existing minimalist style. Therefore, if your home is not quite great at letting in the light, invest in new products like Red Deer windows. You don’t necessarily have to stick with a brand, but some offer excellent perks not found elsewhere. 

Make sure the glass is big enough to make a living room bright and shiny during daytime. Don’t forget to pay attention to the window frame you buy as well. Wood has many benefits, but is very expensive. A great alternative would be vinyl, which can imitate wood surprisingly well, according to this vinyl windows guide. The point is, facilitate sunlight to pour in and make rooms look bigger and a lot less drab. 

Go Frameless

Even minimalists like showing photographs around the house. There’s one problem: the frames. Photo frames can add visual clutter to an otherwise perfectly minimalist interior décor. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this: frameless photographs. 

Frameless photographs do have the support of a frame, but without the massive bevelled edge that cause distractions. Going frameless is a great way to make areas like living rooms with photo walls look more minimalist than usual. 

Allow Some Color for Household Linen

Minimalists abhor gaudy colors. Sure, it can take away from the minimalist style. But that doesn’t mean you have to make each room only black and white. It’s possible to maintain minimalism and allow in some color in rooms. 

One of the best ways to add colors to rooms is to buy soft coloured clothing items. For example, do you obsessively buy white bedding to maintain the minimalist style? You can improve your personal style by purchasing bed linen, curtains, and items like throws in soft pastel colors. 

Soft hues won’t drag attention away from the minimalism. You can occasionally add a bright coloured accent if preferred. A pastel colour here and there won’t ruin your décor, but would rather enhance the minimalism. 

Minimalism never has to be expensive. Keep in mind that your décor has to reduce clutter and improve functionality of a room. Use the above suggestions to improve your home and save some money in the process. 

Mike Jackson is a blogger, writer from Toronto, Canada. He got into the blogging sphere a few years ago and has contributed to various blogs and magazines with his articles, images and infographics.

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