Creating the Ideal Minimalist Garden: A Guide

Having an outside space to call your own is a luxury which not everyone can enjoy. For those who have their own garden, it’s easy to neglect the upkeep during the cold, wet winter months, and face challenging decisions on how to tame it during the hot, summer months. While some crave the beauty of a wildflower paradise, overflowing with colorful, unique plants, for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle, a busy garden is not always their top priority. However, spending time outside in nature has incredible benefits for both body and mind, so creating the ideal minimalist haven should be on everyone’s to-do list. How do you design and transform your garden to be the space you can truly be proud to call your own? Below are three areas to focus on first.  

The Practical Points

Designing a garden is similar to designing a room within the home. After all, your garden is your ‘outside room,’ so taking the time to decide on the essential features will ensure you don’t rush into any big changes without due care and attention. Do you want a uniform space, where every plant and flower create a beautiful symmetry? Or do you want the perfect socializing haven, where you can spend time with your nearest and dearest? Deciding these vital aspects first will help fine tune the further points, including what flowers to grow, any raised borders and beds you may need, and foundations such as paths and walkways.  

Minimize Hard Work 

While gardening may be the favorite pursuit of some people, for others, they want to enjoy their outdoor space without the time-consuming labor. A minimalist garden is the ideal design for those who want the upkeep of their space kept as easy as possible. If you love the look of grass, but you hate mowing the lawn, why not opt for artificial turf, which will give you the appearance of natural grass without the hassle. However, another option is to hire an experienced, professional gardener to help you out with the tricky jobs, such as taking care of and trimming back any trees. For these larger jobs, you can find out more now about services you can rely on. 

Extra Features 

This part is the truly exciting one: deciding which extra features you want. These can range from elaborate outdoor seating areas, complete with hammocks, comfy couches, and somewhere to share an alfresco dinner to stretching the budget to build a pool or a soothing water feature. The color scheme you include within the garden can allude to the minimalist lifestyle. For example, choosing to paint any walls and fences in a clear, crisp white shade that contrasts with any garden furniture in shades of gray or black will create a monochrome, uniform appearance. This scheme can be used across a variety of features; staining any decking a pale shade, or using neutral paving stones for any walkways will add to the overall design. For those who want even, minimalist planting, placing styled and shaped green box hedging can be both attractive and easy to maintain. Rather than planting a vast number of colorful flowers and shrubs, choose two or three main colors and work around those to create a sleek, chic look. 

The minimalist lifestyle is one which translates into more than just your interiors; your garden plays a large part in creating the ideal sleek, uniform home. Rather than neglecting your outside space for another year, hoping it will improve on its own, take the steps today to transform it into the perfect haven.   

Author: Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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