Lovely Minimalist Garden Décor – Containment at Its Best

Oddly, the concept of minimalist living seems to be totally misunderstood in a great many circles. So, many people think that being a minimalist means you sacrifice everything from design to function, simply to do away with all those ‘extras’ we think are not necessary to our lifestyles. Minimalism is a way of living a simpler lifestyle, but one that doesn’t need to be stark, cold and boring. In fact, some of the most attractive design elements in home architecture and landscaping are minimalist in concept, and so if you are looking to plan a garden space that is neat yet functional and lovely, you might want to consider containment at its very best.

Garden and Landscaping Containment

Many homeowners are looking to have gardens, but aren’t looking to have all the mess that comes along with gardening. As a result, the concept of growing everything from flowers to vegetables in containers has quickly gained in popularity. Some homes have carried the landscaping design from their fence through to the containers they choose to grow plants in and the effect is stunning.

Some of the most popular designs in fencing are simply takeoffs of the old picket or wooden fences that lined properties in days gone by. These are simple wooden planks positioned horizontally or vertically with few embellishments. Some are constructed with wide boards flush to each other to ensure privacy while others have little gaps between planks.

Wood and picket-style fences are trending at the moment in minimalist garden décor, but to fully appreciate their simplicity, you’d need to view photos on sites like Strategic Fence Company in Breckenridge, Colorado. Most are stained in natural colors rather than the traditional white and they lend themselves well to the idea of ‘containment.’

Carrying Your Theme through to Containment Gardening

Once you’ve decided on a type of wood and the placement of planks in the fencing around your property, it’s time to look at custom containers that will house your plants. These are crafted from the same wood as your fence with the same stain and are often located at corners of the home. Shrubs, flowers, or simple greens are planted in these, and all offer that touch of nature but keep it contained in strategic locations. The grounds are typically devoid of large patches of flower gardens because all plants are in containers of assorted sizes and shapes. This is the concept of containment landscaping – or simply the art of planting in containers!

A Final Touch – Carrying Nature Inside

Many homeowners then choose to have smaller containers built from the same type of wood with the same color of stain to be used inside the home. These are often placed on the floor inside doorways and in corners of the room, carrying the container theme from the landscaping plan inside to your interior décor. Often, you will find this type of plan in western states where lumber has always been a huge industry. It’s a minimalist concept because everything is kept neat and tidy, but with the artistic appeal of lovely wooden containers that serve a decorative purpose alongside the function of providing a home for your plants.

In other words, containment keeps everything in its place with a touch of elegance. That’s the art of containment in a minimalist lifestyle and one you’ll grow to appreciate as you explore the many ways in which you can contain even the smallest of objects with a decorative flourish that is totally yours.

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