Minimalist Designs for Bars & Restaurants That Work

Minimalism is a growing trend and many bar and restaurant owners are adopting the minimalist approach and changing or creating new environments for their establishment. Designing a minimalist bar or restaurant can be a challenge, but it is something every business can achieve. Minimalist designs focus on keeping things simple and not cramming the area. 

Open Layout – One way to create a minimalist design is to focus on an open layout. Many bars and restaurants are changing their layout to make it more open. They are removing items that are not needed and allowing more space for customers and staff. An open-plan layout can completely transform the look of any bar or restaurant. For example, if you were to transform the popular Tradies Sports Bar Gymea into a minimalist design you would need to focus on dividing the bar and restaurant. The layout would enable staff to access both sides of the kitchen and bar. 

Innovative Design – When creating a minimalist bar and restaurant, it is important to focus on keeping both areas together and splitting them into two separate sections. One component is the bar while the other is the kitchen. This can be difficult, but it is not impossible. When assessing the layout of a business, designers will find ways to fit both areas into one unit. There is no need for two separate bars when you are catering for restaurant clients and bar customers. One bar once properly designed can accommodate demand. 

Kitchen – The kitchen is going to be important when it comes to a minimalist design, especially in a commercial setting. If you are operating more than one business, you should look at ways of using one kitchen to serve multiple areas. For instance, a single kitchen could look at the bar food, main restaurant, and function room. When creating a minimalist kitchen design, there are a few key elements to focus on. The entire kitchen should have functionality in mind, each area having space for different parts of the business. 

Single Sharing Tables – If you are planning on a minimalist design, think about seating. Do you need to invest in lots of tables and chairs, or is it better to buy one large table where patrons can share? Although this may seem alien at first, it could work in many settings. Having a large shared table in a café or sports bar is not going to upset the customers. 

Focus on FeaturesThe interior of a business affects our behaviour. With this in mind, bars and restaurants can look at minimalist designs that focus on important features while removing pieces that take away from the main point.

A bar or restaurant can be stripped of its core functions and only feature items that are needed. 

As you can see, there are many ways to change the look of a bar or restaurant and focus on minimalism. Although it is easier to do this with a new project, an existing business can still adopt a minimalist approach by removing some pieces. 

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