Minimalist Décor Ideas for People Who Love to Entertain

Millennials are not really party animals. They prefer to interact with their peers online or via electronic gadgets. Whereas the previous generation went clubbing every weekend, millennials would rather stay at home. They enjoy seeing their friends, but it has to be on their own terms. For them, a party is more likely to take place at home than in a late-night bar downtown.

Do you love to entertain? If so, here are some tips to help you create a party-friendly home whilst sticking to a minimalist ethos of zero clutter.

Choose the Right Home

Some homes lend themselves to parties whereas others are barely large enough to swing a cat. If you enjoy entertaining friends, it is a sensible idea to look for a home that will accommodate more than you and your cat.

In general terms, the larger the property, the more expensive it will be, but there is some room for maneuver. Look for a home with larger rooms or an outside area where you can entertain outdoors in warmer weather. Homes with a large roof terrace or balcony are great for parties, as guests can spill outside if the weather is agreeable.

Eventually, when you come to sell, features like a balcony will be a major selling point. You can create your own real estate flyers and market the property yourself, which will save a fortune on real estate agent fees!

Create a Space

You need space to host a party. This is where your minimalist tendencies will stand you in good stead, as you are unlikely to have tons of furniture. Look for a dining table that can be folded away when not in use, or chairs you can stack in a cupboard out of the way. Invest in an attractive sofa or two, plus smart storage solutions for hiding anything you don’t need on a daily basis.


Carpet is not a good idea for a party animal, as spilled food and drink cause irreparable damage. Instead, look at floor tiles with underfloor heating or hardwood flooring. Both are easy to keep clean and perfect for dancing on. You can soften the appearance of the room with the addition of an attractive rug, which can easily be rolled up and moved out of the way when you decide to entertain guests.


It wouldn’t be much of a party without music. However, speakers are intrusive and will ruin the sleek lines of your minimalist décor. Instead, look at hidden speaker options. Invisible speakers are perfect for people who want top quality sound without having to stare at ugly surround-sound speakers. Invisible speakers are designed to fit in the wall, between wall studs, or in the ceiling. Finishes such as drywall, paint, fabric, etc., are added after installation.

Wall Hangings

Acoustics can be a problem in a minimalist room, especially with no carpets and minimal soft furnishings. Use fabric wall hangings to soften the noise and prevent echoes. One or two rugs hung on the wall will add interest to a minimalist room.

Don’t let your minimalist tendencies overrule your desire to party. The two traits are not mutually exclusive.

Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.

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