How to Choose the Right Cremation Urn for Your Minimalist Home?

Each and one of us have specific taste and preferences – and these are often portrayed in the decorating style of our homes. If, for example, you’re the adept of the minimalist style, each of your items is carefully chosen, so that your home looks cohesive.

You should make no exception when it comes to shopping for cremation urns. Since there are so many styles to choose from, you’ll definitely find something to your liking, granted you factor in a bunch of guidelines. This is primarily because more and more people prefer cremation urns in favour of the traditional caskets.

Pick the Right Size

The first thing on your list of priorities is selecting an urn that comes in the right size. Essentially, the most widespread size is the adult cremation urn, which should accommodate the ashes of someone who weighed between 200-220 lbs. Meanwhile, medium-sized urns are recommended for children, or in the case in which a person’s ashes have been divided between several persons.

Of course, there’s no such thing as an urn that is too big. In fact, it would be safe to say that the size comes down to personal preference, as well. So, if you’d prefer a larger urn, in favour of a smaller one, because it will look better in your minimalist home, it’s your call.

Consider the Style

As we’ve already pointed, the styles in which cremation urns come nowadays are as diverse as they can get. You should factor in the deceased’s preferences, passions, personality, style, or special interest in this respect. In this way, you can honour that person. Another way in which you can honour a deceased beloved person is by wearing jewellery made from ashes.

If you didn’t know until now, this is a quite popular practice at the time being. In fact, this company focuses on creating personalised pieces of jewels, including items made from ashes. This is, truly, a practice that goes back to ancient times, which makes it even more interesting.

On a different note, if you prefer an urn that has a unique style, you can always choose more precious materials such as marble. Other great options are glass and raku. Considering that permanence is an important aspect for you, you should pick cultured marble, since it’s one of the most durable materials.

Make It Personal

Personalising the urn is also an option worthy of your attention. In this view, you might engrave the urn with specific symbols or quotes. Another way in which you can express individuality is by getting an urn that comes in the deceased’s favourite colour, or an urn that incorporates a photograph.

Essentially, buying an urn is definitely an important decision and you should carefully analyse your options in advance. That being said, by simply following our tips you can significantly narrow down your options and actually choose the perfect cremation urn for your minimalist home. Of course, you should always consider the deceased’s preferences and style, so that you would recall them whenever you see them. This is primarily because more and more people prefer cremation urns in favour of traditional caskets. Nowadays you can even buy dog urns online

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