How to Create the Most Economical Minimalist Bathroom

When it comes to minimalist interior design, you might not first think to focus on your bathroom. But a house that’s otherwise beautifully decorated with a nod towards the minimalist look is incomplete without a bathroom that matches that understated vibe you’ve got going on elsewhere. Happily, it’s cheap and simple to convert your bathroom into a neat, minimalist space that conforms to your house’s wider styling. Bearing in mind these simple tips, you’ll achieve the look that you desire without breaking the bank, and better still, you’ll not waste your precious time flicking through magazines or marauding showrooms in search of your perfect bathroom.

Know the Limitations of Your Space

This is crucial, as your bathroom is more often than not the smallest room in the house, which nonetheless has some key elements which need to be housed inside. It’s no use stripping back if you’ve got nowhere to conduct bathroom-based business! By taking some measurements and mapping out how you plan to use the space, either in a pencil sketch or through some handy apps, it will allow you to fully-form your ideas before you begin to fit essential items.

Pool Your Ideas

It was once a laborious, if occasionally gratifying, experience to pool your ideas, involving heading to huge stores and getting lost for hours in a sea of glistening white porcelain. Now, you’re likely to be able to browse all the set-ups under the sun from the comfort of your couch, using sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest, as well as established bathroom brands that have made the leap to the online showroom, to come up with ideas and experiment with complementary designs.

Shop Around

Again, no need to leave the couch: handy and informative websites do the legwork for you so that the upheave of renovating your bathroom is greatly decreased. They’ll even tell you how you can fit items yourself if you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades. Head over to for reviews that’ll hone you in on the cheapest and most economical bathroom gear you can buy, with reliable and astute advice on what’ll strike the right balance between style and price in your house.

Consider Extras

If your bathroom consists of a toilet and shower, remember that there are plenty of smaller items that live in the bathroom that might create an underwhelming and cluttered space where you expected to have established your own private oasis. Towel rails and toilet roll dispensers, bins and toilet brushes, and the all-important bathroom cupboard to store away your toiletries: they’re all going to have to match your style and fit seamlessly into the bigger picture of a minimalist haven. Bear these in mind when you are setting out where to position your larger items.

For the minimalist-minded out there, a bathroom that matches the style of the overall house is the triumph that’ll cement your look. Following these easy steps, you’ll find making the change from standard to something special is more seamless that you had anticipated.

The author Alec Neufeld, is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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