Minimal, modular wood crates for vinyl collections

As music lover & record collector, you want to take care of your precious vinyl. What better way to give a new home in the new line of modular wood record crates by Kate Koeppel. These record crates are made in the USA, hold 75-85 LPs and are designed to store and protect your vinyl collection with no fuss. They can be used alone, or in combination to suite any collection and space. Prices start at $71-91 per crate and are available here: http://shop.katekoeppel.com/collections/storage

I spoke with Kate yesterday to get to know a bit more about the new product and herself…

Hi Kate, we’ve featured your dividers a while ago. I heard you designed them, because you looked for a good way to organize your own vinyl collection. Tell us a bit about it – how many records do you own and what are three gems from your collection?

I started the first collection of Record Dividers because I wanted to help make our own collection of 600-900 records or so a little more accessible and easier to explore. We listen to vinyl at home all the time, and its fun to make it a more social experience and help our friends and guests pick things out, even if they aren’t super audiophiles. My products all reflect my desire to create well-made durable products that stand the test of time. I honestly love helping people to organize their collections because every collection is a little like a personal museum of someone’s life and memories and interests. Its very cool for me to have a window into all of that.


It is hard to pick my favorite albums, so much depends on mood or what I’m doing, but in general lately I’ve been really into 90s hip-hop/pop or soul- we’ve got some great older LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, Salt’n’Pepa … but if we’re having a mellow evening at home I’ve been really into older persian folk/pop like Googoosh, Paul Simon (Graceland) or some new Liane La Havas (Blood) or my recent go-to Lapsley.

Tell us about the newly launched crates you designed. I imagine you’re using them yourself, but I’m curious what you used before and why you felt you had to design your own?

The crates are a collaboration with another design studio, Simple Wood Goods. We had a lot of requests from customers who were looking for some simple vinyl storage options, and with such a proliferation of Ikea shelving out there we wanted to offer an alternative storage option that felt more in line with our design philosophy. All our products are made by hand, and crafted in the USA. Our crates are modular and allow for some flexible storage configurations, so you can stack our crates together, or use them individually, whatever works with your set up at home.


And of course we’re curious… Have you had orders from popular DJs or musician yet?

Ha, yes, we’ve been pretty excited to work with some inspiring musicians and artists. Recently we worked with Ghostly International as well as Vinyl Me, Please on some custom products which was really fun! We’ve worked with some chefs, photographers and creative directors have some pretty cool and unique collections that I’ve been able to help sort out. Our products are also used in a few of our favorite places and institutions, including KEXP in Seattle, and Sightglass Coffee locations in San Francisco.

Thanks Kate!

And here’s the link again if you want to want to check them out: http://shop.katekoeppel.com/collections/storage


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