Maximizing Storage – 4 Tips for More Efficient Garage Storage

For many the garage becomes a catch-all for unwanted household items and outdoor equipment and furniture, not to mention a car or two. The problem is, it doesn’t take long before the garage is overcrowded, disorganized, and buying new Easter decor sounds a lot more reasonable than finding the stuff you stored away from last year.

Don’t worry, we have all been there, so  today we are going to discuss 4 tips for keeping your garage organized while maximizing storage space.

Use the Ceiling

I have seen so many garages that were packed wall to wall, but not a single item was stored in the rafters or from ceiling racks. Now, before you go suspending items from your garage, you do need to find out what type of joists were used in your ceiling and how much they can handle.

If you purchased a new home, you can consult with the builder to find out. If you are in an older home, you may need a contractor to evaluate and install ceiling shelving or hooks if you aren’t confident doing so. Either way, a few hooks or shelves can go a long way in decluttering floor space and keeping things organized.

Buy Stackable Tubs

If you are looking for a quick and cheap way to increase your storage, stackable tubs with lids can be a lifesaver. Even better, if you like to save holiday decor, important documents, or sports gear for example, you can use different color tubs for each group of items. This will make finding items a snap.

The downside with storage tubs is that if your luck is anything like mine, the tub you need will always be on bottom or in the dead center of the stack. Even so, when considering the cost and time to “install” this is a solid option.

Install DIY Shelving

In keeping with the quick and cheap tub options, adding a few plastic shelves in your garage can be another great option. For $20-$100 each, you can pick up shelves that snap together and give you 3 or 4 shelves to stack your items upon.

If you want to spend a little more, $250-$500 per shelve, you could pick up metal shelving that snaps together. These usually last longer and can hold heavier items without sagging.

The big drawback with both types of shelving those is the lack of customization options. I have had many cases where the items I wanted to put on the shelves would only fit on the very top, which isn’t the safest place to put heavy items.

Before you spring for shelving, measure your items and see how tall they are. Check that against the spacing between shelves you intent to buy and you will quickly see if they are the right option for you.

Get Custom Cabinets 

If you have hobby items, use your garage to tinker, or you are looking for a more personalized option, custom garage cabinets are a great way to go. Unlike the DIY shelving, these cabinets can be ordered and paired together based upon your exact needs.

Let’s say for example you are an avid snowboarder, you could order tall, narrow cabinets, each holding a snowboard. On the other hand, maybe you like to build gas powered RC cars. A workbench and some custom drawers to to store tools and parts may be exactly what you are looking for.

In some garages, I have even seen his and her sides. On her side, large storage cabinets, custom drawers for decor, and even a bench and storage for custom vinyl work. On his side, custom cabinets for fishing reels, a built in toolbox, a wall with adjustable hooks to hang mountain bikes.

Get Moving!

The biggest mistake I see people make is procrastinating. Even if you spend just 10 minutes each day working on one area of your garage, you can transform it from atrocious to awe-inspiring.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Wall hooks, ceiling hooks, a custom space, and DIY shelves can all work together to help you organize and manage the space effectively. Just don’t let your neighbors know you came up with it on your own, unless you want some additional garage organization projects to complete.

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