Function Meets Fashion – Working a Massage Chair Into Your Living Room Décor

Why a massage chair?

According to a 2011 clinical study that was funded by the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health, getting a massagecan reduce chronic neck and -lower back pain. It can also improve the quality of life of people living with depression and anxiety.

Getting a massage can be an incredibly rewarding activity to end your day. The problem is that booking regular visits at your massage therapist can start gnawing at your bank account. If getting a daily Kahuna massage, however, is something that you are dead set on getting, you may want to think about getting a massage chair.

Choosing a massage chair

There are many different types of massage chairs available that you can choose from. Nowadays, you probably won’t find one that doesn’t look impressive and like a technological marvel. It is, however, important to choose a chair that doesn’t only meet your personal needs and requirements, but that also looks aesthetically appealing and congruent with your living room’s existing decor.

Before shopping for a chair, take a long and hard look at your living room. Identify three colours that dominate the living space, not only inside the room but also outside.  Find a massage chair that is available in one of these colors. If you, for example, have large windows that overlook the beach and ocean, a white chair would probably look better than a dark brown one.

The personality of your home

The location of your house plays a big role when deciding where you should put your chair. Again, if you have a house that overlooks the beach, position your massage chair to look in the direction of the ocean. Do you live in a log cabin in the woods? Your chair may look good facing the fireplace. Think about what you typically do when you want to relax and enjoy yourself. If you like to read or watch tv, position your chair so you can do so while getting a massage.

Since massage chairs usually have an interesting design and appearance, don’t be afraid to make the chair a visual feature of your living room. Designate a specific space to your massage chair and remove clutter from the area. You can even have a little tray with a teapot and cups or zen garden next to your chair to enforce the atmosphere of relaxation.

If your chair a sleek design, you can surround the chair with earthy textures like wood or stone to provide a little contrast. If your living room has a contemporary look, you can also consider installing an electric fireplace heater instead of air conditioning. If the massage chair is standing near couches or chairs, try to have the massage chair and other furniture face the same spot in the room, preferably in the centre of the room.

The flow of light and energy

The massage chair should not be positioned to inhibit walking areas. Your living room should have ample space available to let light and air through. If the massage chair makes the room look and feel cluttered or crammed in, try to find a different place for the massage chair.

One should never have to move sideways in order to get past a piece of furniture. Don’t put the chair directly against a wall. You should be able to walk freely past the back of the chair. Even if you never do walk past the back of the chair, that space should still be there. The same goes for the sides and the front. In fact, this rule applies to all furniture.

A space of relaxation and tranquillity

Your new massage chair can look completely natural in your living room with your existing décor, especially if you take the time to choose a style and colour that looks in place. Your chair can, in fact, change your décor to look like a place of relaxation and peace.

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