8 Simple Living Room Interior Design Hacks To Give A Go

Having you been looking for ways to re-approach the luxury factor of your living room but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of making a bad impression when entertaining guests in your home’s most commonly used and remembered room? As your living room serves as a core entertaining zone for you and your family and guests, it’s essential to create a well-balanced luxurious living room interior design that reflects your personality and lifestyle in a well-judged, elevated manner. That said, since it is one of the most common and overused rooms in any home, we turned to Décor Aid interior designers for their take on amping up the luxury and wow factors of your living room with ease while not breaking the bank.

Bring In Unexpected Textiles

An inexpensive and easy to source element for transforming your living room, a brilliant and even bold mix of textures are certain to elevate it with ease. And there’s almost no going wrong so pile them on.

Add Sculptural Elements

Every sophisticated luxury living room interior design calls for brilliant art add-ons and by going for sculptural extras, you’ll not only add a sense of play but a real conceptual feel that’s hard to evoke from standard, rigid art elements.

Hide Your Television

Even if it’s an ultra-slim television, do be sure to keep it out of the eye and no matter what, it should never be considered a major focal point in your living room – and really, no appliance or electronic devices should. For starters, they’re ugly no matter what, should not be that important in any room in your home, and are a waste of décor space. Get creative with your televisions local and consider placing it in an armoire, hiding it behind a screen or storing it in a closet on a wheeled platform when not in use.

Include Large Scale Wall Décor

Go ahead and make a grand statement with a prominent, beautifully rendered and framed wall hanging that will serve as a major focal point and conversation starter for your luxury living room interior design.

And be sure to avoid thinking that this is one idea you cannot afford as there are brilliant art pieces to be found at a variety of price points, it just takes a resourceful approach but trust us, every living room should boast at least one major art piece.

Create Rich Mixes

Have fun with your luxurious living room interior design ideas and do create a playful mix of juxtapositions combining various, unexpected hits of texture, color, and shape to make your living room completely unique to you. By doing so, you’ll also give your home a charming, well-lived in appeal that’s hard to do overnight.

That said, be cautious when bringing in various dynamic extras in your living room interior design. Do approach this area of décor with a well-edited balance of elements as you’ll want to avoid making your living room appear chaotic, inconsistent, and at worst, random. As an example, think to combine the softness of plush upholstery with the grainy natural texture of a wooden coffee table. By playing elements and textures off of each other, you’ll be sure to create a feeling of depth in your interior design that conjures a beautifully realized, edited mix.

Take Advantage Of Heirlooms

There’s something to be said about a modern mix of furnishings and elements peppered with family heirlooms, vintage finds, and antiques. They make great starting points for introducing unique character in any home and often boast a patina that can’t be replicated, which in turn lends a room a rich, varied appeal. And best of all, sourcing heirlooms and vintage add-ons is inexpensive and can be fun as the thrill of the hunts yields intriguing rewards. Do run wild with this interior design idea and visit local flea markets, estates sales, and junk shops for items that you just can’t easily find today at new retailers.

So keep an eye out for flea markets and estate sales on Craigslist and the ilk as you’ll be certain to score great conversation starters for the best in luxury living room interior design.

Keep It Simple

When thinking luxurious living room interior design, a minimal approach is key as a busy and overstuffed living room is far from elevated. Instead, when it comes to living room design ideas, do avoid clutter and keep everything organized and practical – simplicity, in essence, is the best rule of thumb to approach luxurious living room interior design.

Keep your décor minimal and try to include pieces that you actually use rather than dead décor objects that truly serve no purpose. Do, however, include unique items that have a sentimental value for you or that conjure special moments in your life to keep everything personal.

Change Your Lighting

By changing your lighting to either brighter wattage or a moodier, dimmed setting, you’ll instantly make your living room appear more expensive while bringing in unique elements to make your room stand out. Plus, you can also save money and energy with new eco-friendly lighting options while upgrading your home with luxurious living room design ideas.

Add Floor Pillows

Create more seating, bring in pattern, and lend your living room a cool, yet polished relaxed vibe with comfy pillow floor seating that you can quickly move around to accommodate even more guests.

Update + Organize Bookshelves

Shuffle, rearrange, and edit your bookshelves for an instant refresh that shouldn’t take you any longer than 45 minutes – don’t overthink it!

Add Plants

Inexpensive and certain to add life to your living room while purifying the air, common houseplants are easy to source and manage.

Repeat Colors, Patterns, + Shapes

When working with a defined mix of interior design elements do create a sense of harmony and symmetry by subtly repeating strong colors and prints throughout your living room in even the smallest of doses for continual impact.

Bring In A Vintage Find

Again, a brilliant mix is essential for a contemporary living room full of life as the patina and timeworn appeal of a unique vintage décor piece of furnishing will lend your living room charming character and the look of a smart edit.

Create A Different View

Take a seat on your sofa and survey what you see in front of you as you can easily change your view if your space allows for it.

Restyle Your Coffee Table

As your coffee table is as important of a focus zone as your couch, restyle and arranging your coffee table is a free and easy to manage interior design project for a quick living room refresh. So go ahead and play with them and bring and edit items every so often for a new take on a prominent area.

International interior design firm Décor Aid provides clients with premium decorating services centered around their lifestyles and vision while providing a transparent fee structure, a dedicated product manager, and vetted professional contractors, renovation specialists, and paint services.

They tapped their interior designers to cull the essential tips shared here with you.

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