Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2020

Colours in kitchen fashion trends for 2020 are more dynamic than recent years’ stylish hues. Yet there is plenty of variety in shades, tones and intensities to please every home dweller’s preferences, needs and whims. Dramatic hues are now in vogue for base and wall cabinets or cupboards. Combine your favourite colours and tonalities with pleasing natural wood finishes and grains to produce a stunning interior. If you prefer sleek metal surfaces, you can create a highly appealing design with innovative kitchen cabinet colour combination choices.

The latest colorful kitchen cabinets are moving decor styles away from the pure white or all-neutral shades. However, white, grey or sand walls, ceilings and flooring glow when sparked with pops of strong, moderate or pastel colour. Cabinets painted with attractive semi-gloss or matte finishes in primary, secondary or tertiary colours can celebrate your chosen palette. Many selections can be your best kitchen cabinet colors.

They can define or accentuate the colour scheme of your overall kitchen decor. Your choice of hues and shades for the room can energise and brighten it. They can also soften and calm your kitchen interior. You may choose a primary colour (red, blue or yellow) for your cabinets. Your favourites may be among the secondary hues (violet, green or orange).

After comparing various shades and tones, you may decide on a tertiary colour like blue-green or red-orange. Both bright, radiant shades and subtle pastels for cabinets can define and showcase the palette of your kitchen decor. Be sure to allow yourself some creative freedom of expression when making your colour choices. 

Fashionable Colour Trends for 2020 Kitchen Cabinet Updates

Whether you are simply repainting or installing kitchen cabinetry, fresh and innovative colours are available to you for 2020. Highly appealing hues, shades and tonalities of cabinet kitchen colors for different interior designs include the following:

1. Country Cottage Kitchens 

Photo from Olive Bauers

This charming country cottage kitchen design uses dark grey-black matte-finish paint for overhead cabinets and open shelves. The same colour is repeated for cabinets and cupboards beneath the grey and white benchtop and counters. Contrasting white-painted wall tiling and soft metallic silver on the range front balance and brighten the room. With light grey floor tiles as its base, the pristine white squared mini-table is a pleasing center of focus. Its white marble top with a few swirls of grey accent this kitchen’s attractive country ambiance. For such bespoke kitchens you can easily shop at stores like Murdoch Troon. 

The natural wood open wall shelves add to the relaxed yet stylish design of this small cottage cooking space. The collection of white glazed pottery displayed on these shelves reflects light while lending an air of cheerful simplicity. The well-balanced darks and lights of this fashionable cottage kitchen decor add depth and character to the space. Rustic style pewter cup handles and knobs decorate the dark lower cabinets. The vertical line of miniature framed prints hanging on a narrow wall emphasise the charm of this cosy cottage food preparation space.  

2. Classic French Country Kitchens

Photo from Nafinia Putra

This French country kitchen decor is a creative mix of classic and modern stylistic elements. The long counter with its rows of small drawers mirrors the long wall nearby with its smooth white rectangular tiles. Hardwood counter-tops and open shelving display plants, bottles and assorted crockery in French country style. On the counters, coffee and cream dispensers and a vintage café and cappuccino maker lend distinctive French-Italian elements. These accessories add pops of colour and character to the overall decor. 

The three-dimensional blackboard with menus standing behind the counters adds relaxed country style. Its wide timbre framing lends natural warmth to this enchanting kitchen interior. Bare-bulb lights suspended from the ceiling on cords add a definite flair of modern industrial. Yet this contemporary touch does not detract from the overall ambiance of French country decor. The café chair in front of the counters with its squared, open latticework back clearly displays French country design. 

3. Shabby Chic Kitchens

Photo from Andrea Davis

This curious kitchen interior is a unique combination of modern country and shabby chic decor. The light grass-green cabinetry brings a fresh breath of the outdoors to the simplicity of this interior. The striped effect of the beige and white floor tiles lends a vintage effect to the room. This older style is accented by the round marble-topped café table and sleek, but decorative metal chair. Yet the counter-top elements of coffee maker, canisters and bottles are more modern in design.

However, the distressed white paint on the aged brick wall adds a strong flavour of shabby chic to this kitchen. In addition, the endearing wall signage highlighted in bright orange that reads, “Out of Your League,” lends a bohemian element. This humorous touch is emphasised by the two comic faces sketched in primitive style just above the sign. The slick sign’s message presented in rustic design seems to enhance this kitchen’s prevailing style of shabby chic. The quirky, casually rendered sign suits and enhances this casual, relaxed interior.  

4. Farmhouse and Barn Kitchens

Photo from Fran Hogan

This modern farmhouse/barn style kitchen is a spacious, open-concept family living space. Complete with barn door designs and a wooden ceiling painted in semi-gloss cream colour, this room exudes warm light. Two cylindrical glass lamps suspended above the central kitchen island add welcoming beams to the room. Natural light from windows and a glass-pane door in the adjoining family room brightens this entire living space. A beautiful natural wood surface can provide an excellent colour of kitchen cupboards in farmhouse decor. 

Rich turquoise upholstery on the easy chairs in the family room adds a touch of luxurious colour to this large interior. The only other bright hues are the fire-red controls for the built-in range on the spacious kitchen island. Yet the kitchen and surrounding areas are set aglow by the natural radiance of lustrous maple wood cabinets and draws. Maple is one of the most popular choices among wood colors for cabinets. These beautiful storage areas are beneath the island’s cream and sand marble top. Both the marble and the large golden-beige floor tiles reflect the extravagant richness of the maple cabinetry. The stainless steel fridge mirrors the inviting allure of this expansive kitchen interior.  

5. Cosy Galley Kitchens

Photo from Zsofi Perganczky

The brilliant blue cabinets of this unique galley kitchen decor are vividly reflected by a large mirror on the opposite wall. The reflection of this vibrant blue plus the silver-grey and white patterned tile flooring add volume and vitality. This can be a vitalising colour combination for kitchen furniture as well. The typically narrow galley layout is accented and expanded by the dynamic color contrasts. A pristine white door, white woodwork and a slim white wall at the far end extend this room visually. The pleasing overall effect is a simple colour scheme of continuous intensity and character.

Stylish wallpaper depicting tropic greenery decorates sections of one wall adjoining the mirror. Despite the dramatic grounding effect of bright blue color kitchen cabinets, appealing contrast is offered by the breezy wallpaper design. A light cocoa-hued wall behind the sink and white porcelain benchtop nearly matches the adjoining den’s wood flooring. Brilliant blue cushioned chairs in the den echo the glorious shade of the kitchen cabinetry, extending and celebrating this vibrant colour scheme. Contrasting hues are often the best colors for small kitchen interiors.

6. Sophisticated Modern Chic Kitchens

Photo from House Method

As a sophisticated modern kitchen interior, this room shines with chic, understated style and allure. The handsome light ash cabinets above and surrounding the range, cook-top and counters are bordered in black. The effect is stunning and accentuated by the light grey-white marble counter-tops. Overhead, inverted bowl-shaped light fixtures with shining black enameled exteriors and white interiors add sleek contemporary fashion. 

The elegant streamlined marble slap island top matches the counters surrounding the range. Its shiny stainless steel base is attractively offset by a black enamel-painted frame with handcrafted spindle legs. One side of the island is lined with stylish, understated, rose-shaped black moulded stools with slender steel legs. Condiment bottles and cooking accessories line the counters and add to the sheer modern sophistication of this kitchen interior.   

7. Industrial Style Kitchens 

Photo from iD Interiors

This sleek industrial style kitchen offers bright canary yellow cabinets and drawers beneath a light grey benchtop and counter space. Stainless steel utensils hang from a wall-mounted rack underneath dark grey wall cabinets, a microwave oven and digital screen. A grey mesh shade makes an understated window treatment, and yellow accents add pops of colour to more grey cabinets. A modern stainless steel sink and steel cabinet accents emphasise the industrial design. Bright hues and shades are often chosen as the best paint colors for kitchen cabinets in industrial style decor. 

Light grey floor tiles reflect the bright elements of decor in this kitchen with different color cabinets. The vibrant yellow and deep grey cabinet colours gain more contrast from the slightly patterned light grey splashback. Soft grey tones of the walls and ceiling beyond add height and additional mild lighting to the room. A double-layered glass hanging fruit display decorates a counter-top. Across the room, stainless steel cookware join the decor as practical and pleasing accents.  

The many varied and vibrant kitchen cabinet colour trends for 2020 offer something to please everyone. Regardless of your favourite colours and decor preferences, fancies or whims, you are sure to find your ideal selections. You can choose your favourite paint for cabinets and kitchen interior colors. Kitchen fashions this year are abundant with every hue, shade and tonality imaginable to decorate your kitchen and delight your entire household.

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