Your Guide to Jacuzzi Spring Maintenance

Spring has finally arrived and now without any doubt, we can finally say goodbye to our heavy boots and jackets and welcome sunshine, ice cream, and sunglasses. In order to fully embrace this new season you first need to prepare for it, and by prepare, I mean a nice, thorough cleaning of your entire home.

Give yourself and your house a long-awaited restart with the traditional spring cleaning. What we will be focusing on below are some trick and tips on how to clean your hot tub and have it ready for the start of a new season and months to come. Buying a Jacuzzi from a licensed dealership like Aqua Paradise is investing in something you’ll enjoy throughout the year, but that comes with some mandatory maintenance.

The Cover

This is the first part of your hot tub you are going to clean. It is a sort of the main defense against all outside elements like debris or weather. It would be best if you could clean it once per month give or take, and not just at a start of a new season. But still, it is not that big of a deal if you choose not to, it will just not last as long and you’ll have to replace it.

Cleaning the cover is quite simple. You need to use a cleaner of a nonabrasive sort, pour it on the cover and then use an old, rugged cloth or a sponge and wipe it after you’ve let it work its magic for a few minutes. When the cover is wiped wash it all off with warm water.


This is the next thing you need to take care of. One solution is cleaning your filter once a week with a stream of water which is a good way to prevent clogging. But this is not a 100% filth-proof solution and you’ll still have to change your filter eventually.

Best time to clean it is now when you are going all in. If you’ve changed filter recently, you can just let it soak in a Filter cleaner agent to overnight. This procedure should be done once per month if you are willing to dedicate time and effort.


This is another part of a hot-tub people usually do not pay much attention to, but it is also rather important to keep the stairs clean. It doesn’t really matter which material the steps are made of as long as you wipe them after every few sessions. When spring finally arrives your steps would basically already be clean and ready for use.


It is very important to drain and then refill your Jacuzzi with fresh water every 3-4 months. It would be best if you could make a habit of that. This is probably the most important part of your spring cleaning routine for your hot tub.

First things first, you need to completely drain the water from the tub. Then you can use cloth or any other appropriate alternative and thoroughly wipe the surface of the tub.

After you’ve done that you need to conduct a little investigation to make sure there is no damage done to any part of the surface because things do tend to get worn as time goes by, especially with more frequent use. When you’ve done that you can refill water through a hose with a filter attached. Last but not least is balancing the chemicals in the water.

These were some basic rules you need to follow if you want to make sure you’ve done the job right. If you have any doubts, questions or problems, contacting a professional to help you out would certainly make the job much easier.

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