iPhone PRO ~ The Concept Smartphone for Photographers

With all kinds of speculation about Apple’s iPhone 5 being launched fairly soon, concept designs are a dime a dozen. Fortunately the iPhone PRO is a nice fresh take on iPhone design. While it may not me the smallest design concept the originality comes in where the designer is catering for a specific market and not just out to please everybody (like Apple manage to do relatively well). I honestly think that any photographer would be delighted to see this concept come to life.


Recently, upload pictures on internet, the number pictures by smart phone more than the number pictures by camera. This ‘mount’ is able to connect iPhone PRO and DSLR lenses.



The beam projector of cradle type can use big scene everywhere.




This is iPhone concept design. It designed for users who do high standard work or hobby. iPhone Pro has 4.5 inch wide LCD and 2 side button, it can use 1.2megapixel 3D camera.


It can be used more professionally by setting DSLR lens, Beam projector, portable speaker and removable hard disk and so on in the rear of the camera. The possibilities of using the rear part are open.


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