3 Tips to Come Up with Interesting Minimal Photos

Just because minimal photo are meant to be simple, that does not mean they are easy to take. In fact if anything it can be difficult to decide what you should keep in the frame and what you should leave out, while framing your shot in a way that is interesting and able to draw the attention of viewers.

If you want some help in coming up with more interesting minimal photos, there are a few tips that could really make a big impact:

Make sure there is lots of negative space

The easiest way to understand ‘negative space’ is to think of it as the empty space in between elements. Because minimal photos have fewer elements, there should be lots of negative space.

As much as it may be tempting to get up close with the subject, it is important to remember that the subject doesn’t have to be large to have a big impact. Instead if you want a minimalist look it is better for the subject to be smaller but well-placed within the negative space that surrounds it.

Remove any elements that don’t add meaning to the photo

If you’re trying to decide which elements to keep in frame and which ones to discard, ask yourself: How does this element add meaning to the photo? Some elements may provide contrast to the subject, or help tell a story and if so you may want to keep them – but other elements may not contribute to it at all and can be discarded.

Keep in mind that many great minimal photos consist of a lone subject set against a background with no other elements in it. At the end of the day there are no hard and fast rules – save that every element must be there for a reason.

Use contrast and vivid colors

Although minimal photos are ‘simple’ – that doesn’t mean they can’t be bold, and the right colors can help make a photo much more visually interesting. One of the best ways to do that is to use contrast by choosing vivid complementary colors that will make the points of interest stand out more.

By using vivid colors, you will be able to add a certain intensity to your minimal photos and convey emotion as well.

As much as it would be nice to snap the perfect minimal photo right from the onset, the fact of the matter is that is often easier said than done. Instead you’re likely to want to edit and tweak it later – which is where using Movavi Photo Editor for Mac could be a big help. It is a user-friendly image editor for Mac that is easy to use and requires no special skills.

Within Movavi Photo Editor for Mac are lots of features that you could use to remove unwanted elements, adjust the color levels, apply artistic filters, add captions, change the background, and more. All in all that should let you produce much better minimal photos, as you’ll have full control over their frame, composition, color, and other areas.

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