How To Style a Dress for Day or Night

Everyone knows the perfect staple dress can go from your day life to night life, no problems at all. That’s the mark of every essential statement piece: versatility. But there are a few general guides you can follow to take your dress from your daytime scene to your nighttime scene as naturally as can be. There are certain ideas about what constitutes a look perfect for the light of day, from the perhaps somewhat mundane things you do (such as work or errands) to the fun things on your agenda (like shopping or meeting up with friends). Then there are the general ideas about what to wear to your nighttime affairs such as dinner and drinks with friends, a date, or living it up at the party scene. No matter how tame or wild your day or night plans are, you can follow these ideas about how to make your look feel more suited to them.

Day: Tote Bag or Roomy Purse

The Yucca Linen Two Piece in White

A casual bag that appears best suited for running errands, carrying supplies, or picnicking helps to daytime-ize a look. Bags and purses of certain textures and materials also seem more daytime appropriate and help to tone down what could be a fancy outfit. These include woven straw, canvas linen, and organic cotton. But just because a purse is better suited to the daytime doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely adorable. Some of the most statement making bags are perfect for your day plans.

Night: Clutch or Handbag

The Kourtney Dress in Pastoral

While you could wear the Kourtney dress to weekend brunch and look spectacular, you can also wear it to your nightlife plans by strategically dressing it up a little. A dress like this one that has a fitted silhouette and whimsical pattern already has great bones. You can wear it as a formal dress as it is, but you can also lock in the fancy vibe with an elegant handbag.

Day: Sandals or Sneakers

The Noha Dress in Hillside

This romantic brocade-style print would look amazing as an evening dress with heels and a statement necklace, but it looks just as fabulous as a casualized day dress by pairing it with baby blue sandals. Sneakers, tennis shoes, platforms, and boots tend to be great ways to make an otherwise fancy look seem relaxed for daytime plans.

Night: Heels or Statement Shoes

The Adler Dress in Black

We love heels but no one really wants to wear them all day while at work or running errands. For daytime plans, a comfortable but chic black dress with flats or tennis shoes is perfect. But to upgrade the look for your fabulous evening plans, the simplest but still effective route is to throw on a pair of statement patterned heels. Black dresses say enough on their own, so they don’t need much help to make them glam.

Day: Light Colored Accents (or Fabrics)

The Aurelia Dress in Ladies Room

Light colored and pretty pastel hued dresses are ideal for daytime scenarios, since they exude peaceful summery vibes for your casual day plans. The Aurelia dress’s full length skirt and adorable open back details and slightly puffed sleeves are perfect to show off during the day. You can also easily elevate the outfit into a nighttime look through intentional styling.

Night: Dark Colored Accents (or Fabrics)

The Juliette Dress in Emerald

When it comes to the night scene, deep rich colors are the way to go. They reflect the moody but excited ambiance of nightlife with a statement dark shade that draws attention to itself in an unassuming manner. At night, wear dark colored accents or just choose a dress in a deep shade. We’re not saying you can’t wear dark colors during the day (just think of the way an dresses can catch the sunlight), but somehow dark shades perfectly fit in to their niches of fall, winter, night, and fancy occasions. We don’t make the rules, we just wear them to look great.

Day: Minimal or Lightweight Jewelry

The Charlie Dress in Boheme

The tiny minimal accessories paired with the Charlie dress keep it looking daytime fresh. The skinny braided belt and dainty beaded princess necklace give it a toned down appeal perfect for looking cute during your everyday afternoon plans.

Night: Bold Accessories

The Kye Dress in Black

Adding bold attention-grabbing accessories gives your look a striking quality that you don’t want during the day when you’re following routines, but that you definitely want at night if you’re ready to party. Starting with a simple black silhouette like the Kye dress gives you a blank canvas to build off of. Feel free to add as much glamor as you want. Plus, the gold material will sparkle under strobe lights and moonlight. 

From your most mundane daytime plans to your most enjoyable ones, and from your most casual nighttime affairs to your most crazy shenanigans, these tips for taking a dress from day to night through styling will help your outfit feel new for the second half of your 24 hours. Of course, PJ day and nights are equally as welcome. You do you.

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