How to save money on your gardening budget?

Gardening, you will hate it or absolutely love it! It is just like any other hobby. When you don’t mind dirty hands and spending a lot of your time in the garden, gardening is definitely your thing. But we’ve must admit, just like any other hobby it will take some investment to enjoy gardening fully. Luckily, there are shortcuts to save money on your gardening budget. Some of them are easy and other take a little bit more effort. How to save money on your gardening budget? Here are some well-needed tips! 

Buy naturalizing tulip bulbs

Tulips are some of the most popular flowers worldwide. Originally from the Netherlands, but currently everywhere available. With their wonderful colors and designs, they’re able to give your garden a spring like feel. Buy naturalizing tulip bulbs to get the most out of your investment. Naturalizing tulip bulbs do not only come back each year, they will get bigger in time. This is a process called naturalizing. Therefore it’s not necessary to buy lots of tulip bulbs. With a little bit of patient, they will spread through your whole garden. A great way to save a pretty penny.  

Install a water butt

Collecting rainwater is a great way to save some many on tap water. Besides saving money, using rainwater is so much better for your plants than tap water. Your plants will blossom by the lack of alkaline in the water. Installing a water butt doesn’t have to be so expensive. Some people are able to make them, other will have to buy it. In the long run you’ll definitely save up some money. Great for environment friendly gardening.  

Make your own compost

It takes more time, but it will be worth it. By making your own compost, you’ll save up lots of money. And it’s very easy to make your own compost! Use your kitchen scraps and garden waste an begin making your own compost. Make sure you let the mixture decompose. The compost is ready when there are no recognizable pieces left. 

Recycle gardening tools, pots and other materials 

Garage sales and sales in shops when the winter season begins are often full of old gardening tools, pots and other materials. And they are sold for greatly reduced prices or even for free. With a little bit of research, you’ll find the best products and materials to spice up your own garden. It’s also interesting to use materials and make your own outdoor furniture. 

Exchange seeds 

Are there a lot of friends in your inner circle who are enthusiastic about gardening? Than it’s a great idea to exchange seeds. You can also dig up some baby plants or divide larger plants and exchange them for new ones. Throw some sort of party, buy snacks and brew some coffee and the exchanging party can begin. This is a fun way to welcome new plants and seeds in your garden, without spending money on it. 

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