How To Redo Your Home And Make It More Elder-Friendly

Redoing your home can be hard work, but with the help of some advice, you can make your home more comfortable and accessible for older people. When it comes to redesigning your home, at times there may be compromises that have to be made in order to meet everyone’s needs. Also, if you are building from scratch, there are many things to consider in order to prepare your home for a future that might contain a number of elderly residents, especially if they suffer from age-related diseases such as arthritis. Luckily, this article covers some basic steps to take when designing a home to make it more comfortable for older people.

Install Stairlift

You could get a stairlift to make it easier for elderly people to get up and down the stairs. They can be attached to your stairs and they are very convenient for anyone who has trouble with their legs. This makes it easier to ascend or descend the stairs without having to hold onto anything or maintain your balance which is especially useful if you have a walker or wheelchair. If you’re considering buying one, you should look at the best prices on stairlifts at Stairlift Helper to find a good deal. Having a stairlift can be very helpful for elderly people, so it’s definitely something you might want to consider installing for your loved ones.

Change The Flooring

If you are replacing the flooring in your house, it’s best to use carpet instead of tile or wood because these types of floors can be very slippery and dangerous for older people with poor balance and coordination. A carpet will provide extra cushion and more grip on your feet so it is less likely to result in a fall. The best thing about carpets is that they can be found in various colors and designs so you will easily be able to find one that matches your home’s style and color schemes.

Consider Installing Grab Bars

Grab bars are a good idea if you have elderly people living in your house because they give extra support so they can hold onto something while using the bathroom. It will give them a better chance of being able to stand up after sitting down, or when they are trying to get into or out of the bathtub. Generally, it is a good idea to install grab bars in any room that has the potential of being used by someone who might need them. For example, it is maybe a good idea to install them in a bedroom where your elderly loved one sleeps because it will help him/her to get out of bed.

Get A Shower Seat And Bath Bench

Getting a shower seat and bath bench will make it easier for elderly people to take baths or showers because they provide added support. If you have someone living with you who suffers from arthritis, getting a seat may be especially helpful because taking a shower can be painful on the hands and joints of those suffering from this disease. Also, it is very important to have a seat with non-slip surfaces so it won’t be too slippery to sit on.

Make Your Place Well-Lit

Lighting is crucial in making your home safer and more comfortable for elderly people because dark areas will be hard to navigate. To achieve this, you should install dimmer switches to all the lights in your house so you’re able to change the amount of light depending on what time of day it is or which room you are in. Try to avoid staircases that are not well lit because this can make it easier to trip or fall.

Make Your Home Clutter-Free

Lastly, your home should be clutter-free so nothing gets in the way of your elderly loved one. Give away things that are no longer being used to make more space, and if you have young children who are growing up quickly, then show them how to help keep the house clean by picking up after themselves on a regular basis. Not having clutter will make it easier for people to get around and less likely that they will trip over anything. 

Making your home more elder-friendly can be as easy as installing a stairlift, changing the flooring to carpet, getting grab bars in any room that’s used by someone who may need them, and making sure you have well-lit areas. These are just some of the adjustments you can make so they feel comfortable living in their own spaces. As an added bonus, these changes will also help keep your elderly loved ones safer too!

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