How To Really Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

So many new exciting marketing tools and resources are available to amateur marketers that email doesn’t excite them anymore. But experts will let you know that there is nothing like an email campaign to get your prospects to sit up and take notice of your offers.

The truth is that emails can help you reach out to thousands of customers and generate revenue for your business. If anything, email marketing has become even more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable in this day and age.

In fact, email marketing services and tools make it convenient to create targeted campaigns that can have a stellar impact on a business’s ROI. According to research, every dollar spent on email marketing can earn $38 in return.

So, if you’re exploring opportunities to expand your business, email marketing is it. Here are a few tips that can accelerate your email marketing ROI:

Choose The Right Time

A critical factor in the success of an email marketing campaign is knowing the right time to send the emails. This practice is vital because today, people have subscribed to a ton of content, so there will be many emails when they open their inbox.

You want your email to reach your recipient when they are receptive and active.

A well-timed email marketing can ensure a higher open rate than one sent at random hours. The more people open it, the chances of increased engagement get higher, which will eventually raise your revenue.

There is a particular hour or day of the week for every business when the engagement rate is higher than other times. So to run a successful campaign, your marketing team needs to figure that time out. And this time entirely depends on your targeted audience. Hence, segmenting your audience can prove to be helpful.

For instance, if your business is relevant to professionals, lunch hours on weekdays are the best time to run the drip campaign.

Pay Attention To Deliverability

You plan out the whole campaign with proper research and send the emails out, but your recipients never receive them in their inbox.

So, where did they go?

Well, some of the emails end up in the spam folder for one reason or another.

A spam filter might flag them for many reasons, but you can take a few preventative measures to avoid these filters. First, avoid language that is perceived as spam. For instance, don’t use hashtags or symbols.

Moreover, create high-quality content, and optimize it to ensure that their credibility is recognized. Also, a recipient might mark it as spam, too, for several reasons. For example, if the unsubscribe tab isn’t clear enough or you send out more than one email at a time.

Include Clear Call-To-Actions

When you send out a marketing email, be sure of its aim and purpose. And that purpose should be reflected through your call-to-action. So, for example, if you send out a newsletter, you give all the information, but then the recipient doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with that information, it becomes irrelevant.

To bring engagement to your online store, your email marketing campaign should compel the recipients to take action. Direct them to your online website and guide them about what they can do after they’ve landed on it. Every CTA has a different function, so choose the one that aligns with your and the recipient’s needs.

Plan Engaging Content

Your inbox is probably filled with hundreds of unread emails, and the same goes for your intended audiences. If they take out the time to open yours, it’s because they are hoping to see something worthwhile. So, the important thing is that the email copy should reflect your brand but also be relatable.  To achieve that, you need to be sure about your recipients’ interests and needs.

But before the recipients open your newsletter or email, they first evaluate it based on the subject line and introduction. This means you need to put extra effort to make the subject line and introduction engaging.

Make your content engaging so that your recipient will be compelled to interact with your product and explore your online store. Adding videos, quizzes, and GIFs can be a fun way to boost engagement. According to a study, videos have the potential to raise engagement by 22%.

Leverage Email Automation

Sending out marketing emails manually can take extra effort and time because of the repetitive tasks. Enabling automation in your email marketing campaigns can make the process more convenient, efficient, and scalable.

In addition, you can reach out to more audiences than you can manually, as you can use different tools to segment the audience, optimize the campaign and streamline email processes.


Email campaigns are a must-have in the marketing strategy of any company. These allow the business to interact with the customers on a personal level while also helping these patrons recognize their value for the business. Moreover, when these emails are personalized, the chances of better engagement increase.

If done right, a marketing campaign is a profit-driven strategy that can boost the ROI of a business.

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