How to Plan the Cutest Baby Shower

The gift of pregnancy is one that mothers want to share with their friends and family, which is why a baby shower can be such an exciting event. But whether you’re planning one for yourself or for your friend, trying to take on such an event without knowing exactly how to put it together can be more than stressful.

The good news? Many expectant mothers and supportive friends have taken on this task and succeeded. If you’re looking for some inspiration and guidance in your party-planning journey, here are some tips on how to plan the cutest baby shower.

Make sure you’ve taken care of the baby registry ahead of time.


For the most part, throwing a baby shower means receiving gifts that will support you during the initial stages of motherhood. In order to make sure that friends and family members know what to get if they want to get a gift, you need to create a baby registry.

Some of the items that you should include in your registry are baby products like clothes for your newborn, strollers and portable items that you can take with you when you bring your new baby places, and essentials like diapers and a crib. A registry can be quite extensive, so it’s important to double-check your wish list to make sure everything is on there.

Once you’ve taken care of the initial planning, you will need to find baby shower registry options that work best for you and your anticipated guests. There are quite a few options out there, and many of them will offer additional perks or incentives for guests so that they get a little something in return for their generosity. Make sure you take care of the registry before you begin tackling any other aspects of the shower!

Figure out what games your guests will be playing at the party.

The good news is that your baby shower already has a theme to it. This makes it easy to find decorations for your party. However, there’s still one major item to focus on: the games. Many baby showers have fun and exciting games that your guests can play to win prizes.

Just a few suggestions that you may wish to consider include having everyone in the room guess who the person is based on their baby photos, playing a game where guests are given clothespins and lose one each time they say baby (the winner is the one with the most clothespins), or even having everyone decorate their own egg baby and race. The more creative your ideas, the more fun your guests will have.

If you’re a person of faith, consider finding faith-based decorations.


If your baby shower consists of friends and family who share your faith, consider decorating with some faith-based items. For example, setting up your own altar where you have candles and pictures of your ultrasound can be a great way to celebrate the news.

If your shower and due date are close to a holiday like Christmas, you can add a little something extra by turning to decorations like advert candles (white candles, pink candles, and other bright options are perfect for your shower) and wreaths or other seasonal decorations. Remember, this is the mother’s day. Any decorations she wants are perfect!

Planning a baby shower can seem like a lot. But with the right planning and guidance, it can be far easier than you anticipate. To prepare for this day, use the guide above to make sure that you’ve crossed off the most essential items on your list. When everything has been prepared, all that’s left to do is celebrate!

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