How to Organize Your Bedroom for a Clear, Clutter Free Space

A bedroom can quickly get out of hand and become a cluttered, untidy space. As time goes by, this issue gets worse because most people add to the problem instead of dealing with it head on. Sometimes this unorganized behavior reflects events that are occurring in other areas of a person’s life. Often it requires you to sit down and think differently about how you organize certain aspects of your life. If you wake up in a clutter-free room everyday it just might have a positive impact on other areas of your life too. The following points show you how to organize your bedroom, so that it’s a clear, clutter-free space.

Preparation and Planning

First of all, declutter your head. Sit down and prepare properly. There are many places you can get inspiration. The internet is full of ideas about how to organize a bedroom so that it’s a more pleasant place to spend time. Interior design websites and good housekeeping websites provide plenty of advice and tips about how to approach this problem. Once you have some useful ideas, go into your bedroom and write down a list of all the changes you want to make. This makes the exercise more realistic and you’ll be more likely to take action. Ticking each activity from your list as you complete it will motivate you to keep going.


The Bed

In many bedrooms the bed takes up most of the space. Much of the space a bed takes up is wasted space and could be put to better use. Changing your bed to a bed with storage features is a much more practical way to use the space in your bedroom, especially if you’re short on space. Storage compartments under the bed and book case compartments at the head of the bed are two features that can instantly save you space and add extra storage options to your room.

Don’t Be Too Sentimental

Don’t keep old items in your room that you don’t need. One of the key personal traits of a hoarder is their tendency to become sentimental about old items in their home. Most of these items are of little use or value so you have to make a clear decision about what to dump and what to keep. If you are keeping items that are taking up valuable space, make sure you have a suitable place to store them. Keeping them in your bedroom will not solve your clutter problem and may even be the start of a new clutter issue.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Modern furniture is practical as well as stylish. Many stunning pieces of furniture can also be used to store and hide various items in a bedroom. For example, you could install an armoire that stores and hides a TV and other electrical items when they’re not being used. Adding a stylish trunk that stores clothing would be another way to add a practical, yet eye-catching feature to your room that solves your clutter problem.


Remove and Replace Items that Take Up Too Much Space

Remove furniture and objects that take up unnecessary space. For example, a large lampshade has the potential to make a room look cluttered. Replace it with a smaller alternative or install a different kind of lighting system. Some rooms also have too many chairs which are often used as makeshift clothes hangers which result in a large amount of clothing lying around a bedroom. Remove chairs and other furniture you don’t need.

Organize Your Drawer Space

Unfortunately, many individuals don’t organize their drawer space efficiently or don’t use their drawers at all. Use simple dividers to separate different clothing and items you normally leave lying around your bedroom. Allocating specific storage spaces for these items will motivate you to keep storing them in an organized fashion.

Change Your Wardrobe

Sometimes the main cause of clutter in a bedroom is the layout of the wardrobe, especially if it’s poorly designed or too small. You should have plenty of space to store all of your clothes and other items. This prevents you from hanging clothes on chairs or other furniture in your bedroom. If your wardrobe is badly laid out, get advice from a local carpenter or wardrobe installer. You could also look for inspiration from wardrobes fitted in the homes of family and friends.

Deciding to organize your bedroom so that it becomes a clear, clutter-free space means you have to take action. Start by making a plan you will stick to. Once you start this process, you will be more likely to complete it and ensure that your room doesn’t return to the state it was in before you took this action.

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