How to Move a Piano Safely With Movers

It is difficult to find such a large, heavy, and at the same time very fragile and delicate thing in your home as a piano. This musical instrument requires careful handling in everything: in setting up, using, storing, and especially when moving.

Moving piano safety

The piano is a rather bulky musical instrument that you can find in the interiors of many houses and apartments. Its weight ranges from 180 to 500 kilograms, and its height reaches about one and a half meters.

From time to time, people moving to a new place face the question of how to move their piano safely without damaging it. As an alternative, some individuals might consider investing in digital keyboards, which are not only more portable but also offer a wide range of features and sounds to suit various musical styles. However, for those committed to moving their traditional piano, it’s essential to take proper precautions and enlist the help of professionals to ensure a secure and damage-free relocation. After all, it is a complex, dimensional, and heavy interior element.

The difficulty of moving the piano in San Francisco Bay Area by yourself is that it may not fit in a service elevator, so you will have to transport it manually using lifting straps. In this case, you cannot transport the piano on your own. You will need the help of experienced movers. And the more complex the situation is – narrow stairways and corridors, the higher the floor – the more experienced and attentive Bay Area local movers should be.

Take measurements

Many people find that transporting a piano to Half Moon Bay Area by themselves is about the same as moving a cabinet. However, there are certain moving tips and rules to follow:

Get the measurements from the piano and doorways. This information will help you carefully carry it through the doors and not damage the rest of the furniture. Knowing the piano size will help you calculate the moving costs in advance.

Do not try to move the piano on the metal rollers located at the ends of the legs: they have no practical use and act as a decorative element.

When transporting the instrument, ensure that vibration, dirt, dust, and moisture do not affect the internal mechanism (wrap the piano with the packing materials before moving).

Its sheer size, heavyweight, and unclear center of gravity make the piano very dangerous to move around by people who have no experience in such activities. The procedure of moving a piano cannot be mechanized. All operations are performed manually. Moving the piano safety requires delicate work by skilled Half Moon Bay movers with many years of experience.

Highly qualified movers will delicately load and unload the piano without damaging its integrity and sound quality. The final price of such moving services depends on the weight, size, delivery route (usually local moving is charged on a per hour basis), number of stories, and the presence of difficult transfer areas.

Pack your piano properly

All pianos are sensitive to changes in humidity, frost, and heat. So, it is better to transport the instrument in the warm season. If you have to move it during the winter time, make sure that the piano is perfectly packed, and do not leave it outdoors for a long time.

To minimize the damage to your piano, pay special attention to the packing:

Close and secure all piano covers;

Wrap paper or cardboard around all protruding parts – legs, wheels, corners, and pedals;

The strings should be covered with thick paper. Place a thin layer of foam rubber or other soft material between the keys and the cover;

Wrap the musical instrument in moving blankets and tie it with ropes and straps. Secure the packing material with tape and cover the entire surface with plastic wrap.

Transport the piano only in a horizontal position, at a moderate speed, and be sure to use tools to secure it safely. Depending on the piano weight, movers can use different devices for moving it: special straps, belts, rails, and other technologies.

Order a moving company

If you are faced with the need to move a piano, use the help of a professional moving company. Experienced movers can safely transport your delicate cargo despite all challenging situations and carry this musical instrument up or down the stairs without damaging it.

One such company that provides affordable piano moving services is Got2Move. Their moving squad uses high safety standards, professional equipment, and high-quality packing material. Only pros can provide the full service and transport your piano safely, at the shortest and most convenient time.

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