How to Manage the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

The perfect bathroom renovation is done in several steps, with much of the planning done beforehand so that the bathroom flip can be done fast and with minimal interruption. The last thing you want is to be struck with a great idea after you have begun, or to have not through the whole renovation until you are stuck in a bad situation. The perfect bathroom renovation needs a level head, the right people working on it, and the steps in this guide:

Get Concrete Ideas Together 

Even if you are looking to hire an interior designer to provide you with a great-looking bathroom design, you are going to want to have some ideas down on paper. This is how you stay in charge of the design. Though you may think you are fine with whatever the designer goes for, the results will always be better if you give them parameters to work with. 

If you are designing the space yourself, give yourself time to find and collect design ideas that you like. You won’t to use all or even most of them, but by putting together ideas that you like, you can design a beautiful space for you, rather than recreate a magazine look.

Get a Consultation 

You will typically want to hire the plumbers you consult. They will know the most about the job, after all, and it was their expertise that you relied on to begin with. As such, always put effort into vetting the people you bring in for the bathroom remodel. Experts from PlumbWize are a great choice, for example, as they handle all types of plumbing projects and jobs, giving them a unique understanding of the job at hand – regardless of whether you are renovating a residential or commercial bathroom. 

If You Want to DIY 

You cannot DIY any plumbing installations or electrical work. It isn’t safe, and it can actually hurt the value of your home since you are not certified to do that work. Keep the DIY to easy jobs that you can do by yourself, like painting, decorating, and even tiling if you give yourself the time to practice beforehand. 

Hire the Experts 

Experts are always essential, even if you are taking on large portions of the renovation for yourself. For example, you will need to work with your plumber in order to coordinate what work you need to do with tiling, before they can do things like fit in your shower unit. There is no downside to working in this way; you pay these experts for their time, not how long it takes for the renovation to be finished. 

Have a Bathroom Plan

If you are renovating the only bathroom with a tub/shower in your home, then you need to have a backup place to bathe. If you don’t this will only lead to very, very stressful sponge baths in the sink and can quickly have a negative effect on your mental health and wellbeing. Have somewhere to bathe, whether it be at a family member’s, a friend’s, house, or even in a place like your gym. The project shouldn’t take too long, but that doesn’t mean you should be comfortable during it. 

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor.

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