How to Get the Perfect Minimalist Home Style in Florida

If you’ve chosen Florida as a location to build your dream house for the entire family, you’ll probably consider several different home styles. If you prefer an organized, clutter-free, and clean home, then the minimalist style is the one you’re looking for.

Living in an organized and uncluttered environment is the driving force of minimalist design. You don’t have to stuff a room to the brim with objects, hang art on every wall, and keep coffee tables and shelves brimming with trinkets. Instead, you should focus on functionality. The key is to add a few focal items that seamlessly blend in and complement the environment. Shapes should have clean edges and a seamless blending of colors and textures.

Once you find the perfect Florida land for sale and go through with the building process, consider these tips and tricks to get the perfect minimalist home style.

Play with Textures

Adding different textures, textiles, and woven elements—materials like seagrass, rattan, and velvet—will give each room dimension, appear less flat, and make it feel cozier. The varied textures and materials of the pieces will also provide warmth without overpowering the space. For example, you could bring in texture in the kitchen with a stone backsplash to accent your white cabinets. Or, you could mix and combine velvet furnishings, wool or fur blankets, and beaded throw pillows to soften the starkness of a minimalist living room. 

Focus on Function

It’s crucial to consider what you want your rooms to function as before you start your minimalist design. For example, if you frequently have visitors over, make sure there is a sufficient number of seats. If you consider working from home, you’ll need to set up a quiet room away from other living areas. Remember that keeping your area open and airy is essential for a minimalist look, regardless of the layout you opt for.

Keep the Walls In Neutral Colors

Straightforward designs often feature neutral paint hues as a key element. For keeping your home bright, serene, and uncluttered, choose wall colors in shades of white, pink, beige, and earth tones. If you are still not ready to let the color go completely, you could make a monochromatic color scheme for one of your rooms.

Tone Down the Floors

Your home’s floors, like its walls, can also make it appear lighter and airier. White tile, polished concrete, and light hardwood flooring will give your room a contemporary, minimalist feel. Installing light-colored vinyl planks is a more affordable option if you like the look of wood flooring but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Invest in a High-Quality Sofa

Investing in a high-quality sofa can give you the foundation for the rest of the decor. You can use the rug or accent pieces throughout the living room to provide texture, plain cushions decor with minimum texture and complementary hues, as well as simple centerpieces on side and coffee tables.

Let the Natural Light In

Any minimalist room will appear larger and warmer with huge windows that let in loads of natural light. Additionally, if you have a beachfront property with stunning views, windows are fantastic for serving as a focal point. To create privacy, simply hang some light, floor-length curtains that complement your color scheme.

Add Simple Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures must be simple and functional to maximize illumination in a minimalist home. Choose pendant lights, track lighting, or wall sconces with neutral hues and sharp-angled designs to give off an artistic feel. For some additional flare, you might use lighting that has a gold or copper finish.

Go Green

Plants are a simple way to add color and softness to a space while maintaining a modern style. Use an arrangement of your favorite flowers as a centerpiece on your kitchen counter. Place a tall fern in the corner of the space or adorn a coffee table with little succulent plants.

Get Dual-Purpose Furniture

Multiple-purpose furniture keeps your space from looking visually cluttered. For example, put a wooden tray on a bench and use it as both a console table and a place to sit when entertaining guests, or upcycle an old dresser into a workstation for a bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Once you find your Florida dream land, there are plenty of easy home design ideas to make a gorgeous minimalist environment. From adding warmth with patterns and textures to opening up your living room with huge windows to enjoy the beautiful views, make sure that each room demonstrates its design and function. You can then make some property updates by decorating with plants, rugs, throws, artwork, murals, blankets, and other items, and you’ll achieve the perfect minimalist style for your beautiful property.

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