How to Get a Clean and Modern Outdoor Space with Liquid Limestone

Outdoor living is a great way to enjoy the world around you and make more out of your home when you take things beyond the house’s walls. There are plenty of unique materials and design ideas out there today that can upgrade outdoor spaces to make them look modern and usually a lot more expensive than they actually are. One of those materials is liquid limestone. It’s taking the outdoor living world by storm, and it offers a lot of benefits for being used in place of concrete or another material. 

Liquid limestone is a unique mixture of cement and crushed limestone, along with some plasticiser that is added during the mixing process. In Western Australia, it is a favourite choice for flooring and paving, and especially in patios and outdoor living spaces. You can have this surface poured just like traditional cement, and then it will be left to set and harden. Once it dries, your patio will look beautiful and have many other benefits:

  • No heat absorption from the sun, making it ideal for patios around pools and in sunny spots
  • The surface is sealed and resists staining
  • The sealant also makes this material easy to keep clean 
  • It can be textured or have finishing touches added for a unique design element
  • This material is stronger than concrete so it will hold up for several years 

Plus, you can also create your own customised design for your patio or driveway space, from the actual finish of the liquid limestone to the space and shape of the pour. It’s flexible and versatile, and the only real drawback is that it doesn’t take colour well. Those who want bolder designs or bright colours will want to consider another material. 

Liquid limestone offers an almost-Mediterranean look, creating a modern, inviting space for your home where you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, from alfresco dining to sunbathing, and even just entertaining some friends. Plus, you can simply pressure wash the surface once or twice a year and it’ll stay in great shape, so it’s a great choice when you want a low-maintenance solution.

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