How to Find the Right Mattress: 5 Things to Look At

If you are lucky and can get eight hours of sleep a night, you are spending a third of your life sleeping. We often don’t give enough thought to the time we spend asleep, but by making some investments in where you sleep, anyone can make a huge difference to their waking hours.

Your mattress is one of the most important components of a good night’s sleep, and making the right choice of mattress is crucial. Here we have put together a helpful guide to help you choose the right mattress, and decide what you should be looking for in a mattress to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Construction and Durability

Mattresses need to last a long time and will be used nearly every night for many years. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress every five to eight years, so it needs to be durable. 

The most expensive mattress is not necessarily the best one, but a cheaper and lower quality mattress will not be made from materials that will survive the test of time. Spending money on a higher quality 12 inch mattress from a brand you can trust will save you money in the long run and give you better nights of sleep for years and years to come.

Support and Firmness

After choosing a mattress that has a good quality construction, the next thing to choose is the level of firmness depending on the support your body needs while you sleep.

If you suffer from back pain, look at foam mattress reviews because a mattress that is too soft will fail to give you the support your back needs. However, if you choose a mattress that is too firm, you will struggle to get comfortable in the night. For these reasons, memory foam is a really good choice. A mattress that uses memory foam can balance support and comfort, as it molds itself to the contours of your body while you sleep.

Size Matters

The size of your bedroom or existing bed frame will make a lot of your size choices for you, whether standard double, queen or king-size, or even larger! It can be hard getting a large mattress home. The larger the mattress the harder to navigate through a house. That is why getting a king size mattress in a box is a great idea. Not only is it delivered to your doorstep, but you can also wait to take it out of the box until it is in the room you’ll be using it in. But you should also pay attention to the depth of your mattress.

Thinner mattresses will often be of poor quality and offer little support or comfort, so stay away from very thin mattresses. High-quality mattresses, however, can be surprisingly deep and can raise your sleeping position. This can sometimes make getting in and out of bed uncomfortable for the elderly or people with lower back pain, so check the depth measurement of a mattress to see if it will significantly raise your sleeping position. 

Speaking of Sleeping Positions

Another important but often overlooked factor is how your sleeping position should influence your mattress choice.

If you are trying to choose a mattress, then knowing how you sleep will help you narrow down your options. If you sleep on your back or your side, you may benefit from a mattress with a quilted or soft topping that can help support you as you sleep.

Make Sure There is a Warranty

A good mattress will often be a large financial investment, so you should always buy one that comes with a warranty.

If, over time, your mattress becomes faulty, or springs break, you can replace your mattress through its warranty. Most manufacturers of high-quality mattresses will offer a warranty of three or more years.

The time we spend asleep is more important than we often give it credit for. You can make a huge positive difference to your waking life by making an investment in your sleep. So, you can feel more rested, refreshed and relaxed every day thanks to a good night’s sleep on a mattress that is right for you.

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