How To Find Delta Faucet Model Number

Identifying your Delta Faucet’s model number isn’t always an easy task. Losing or misplacing it makes things even worse. But the good news is that Delta has provided a dependable online resource to help you retrieve this information. Plus, you can always find detailed information regarding your faucet’s number in the provided warranty and instruction manual.  Through a rigorous process of elimination as well as evaluation, you can readily find the culprit.

When making your first purchase, finding your Delta Faucet’s number isn’t probably something you’d like to know. But then all of a sudden you’re required to carry out some repairs or replacements and you don’t know what the heck this means.

Why Delta Faucet?

Being the most reliable kitchen faucet brand, Delta often makes state-of-the-art products and their faucet models vary significantly. From simple interior home gears to commercial-built configures, you’ll always find something that perfectly suits your personal needs.

Most services that involve the actual product will probably demand the use of model numbers. Through these short series of characters, the firm will be in a position to identify your faucet’s model and, thus, offer appropriate guidance and details regarding the needed parts.

And, if you need to cut a few pipes to install your facet, take a look at the The 5 Best Pex Crimp Tools which will help you do just that. 

These faucets are the best option for anyone renovating their home or updating its look. 

Homeowners who struggle to install the faucet by themselves can bring in the services of a professional to assist them. 

The advice from a professional will ensure that the installation of the taps is correct to provide the best results for the home.

Importance of Your Delta Faucet’s Model Number

If you’re replacing a specific part on your faucet, it’s important to know the model number so that you can purchase the right parts. Delta faucets are commonly identified by their respective features, which differ from one model to another. Whether it’s a special handle or an anti-scald system, you’ll find that identifying the model is easier than you can imagine. Delta provides an online resource to help you identify models, as well as other options. The online references are helpful when having to explain to a plumber what the problem is if any arises. It gives them time to prepare and pack all the necessary items before the call.

But if you only need your faucet’s series number, you can always access this information on the Maintenance/Installation sheet which comes with the product. From there, you can go ahead and call the company’s support line to get those parts delivered to your place.

Lost all the manuals? Don’t panic, there’s still a way out. Remove the faucet’s handle by unscrewing it using an Allen wrench. Gently pull it off the faucet and check if there’s a scald guard inside the cartridge. This dial-shaped part has a notched knob. You can then visit Delta’s website and search for the information you need. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Company’s Website

Start by visiting Delta Faucet’s official website and head directly to the “Support Button”. Click on the “Find Repair Parts” menu and you’ll be guided to two more options. And since you aren’t aware of the model numbers of your faucet, go ahead and select the “Use our handy Wizard” option.

Step 2: Pick the Appropriate Option

Select “Start” under the bath image and you’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll find several choices of the Delta faucets model numbers you’re searching.

Choose a few main features on the faucet such as handle shape, style, and size. Delta fabricates lever handles, double handle, as well as single round handle faucets. Check the shape of your faucet’s handle and the finish, which could be chrome or brushed metal. Also, try finding out if the handle features clear plastic or metal.

Step 3: Choose the Series

Choose your Delta faucet series by clicking near the collection name. Press on the “Continue” button and if you aren’t aware of the faucet collection, click on the “No” icon and then proceed to the “Continue” button.

Step 4: Select specific features

Visit Delta Faucet’s website and click on the “Support” button. Then go to the “Product ID Help” menu and click the desired item. Start matching your faucet’s shape, features, and finish to the options available on the website. Remember, only the latest models are showcased on the company’s website.

Select the finish color featured in your Delta tub faucet and then press “Continue”. If you aren’t sure of the color, choose the “Not Sure” option. Click on the “Continue” button and you’ll be taken directly to the next step.

Step 5: Identify Your Faucet’s Model Number

From the given list, try and identify your Delta Faucet. Scroll down the page until you pinpoint your exact faucet match. Of course, there might be different styles as well as faucet models that’ll utilize the same parts, but you can always breakdown the information to spot your faucet’s specific model number.

Step 6: Contact the Customer Care Service

Select the “Contact Us” option to access Delta’s customer service team for further guides. You’ll be directly forwarded to a form featuring various customer service info as well as your breakdown specifications. At this point, you ought to know exactly the kind of assistance you’d like to receive.

Being an operative help-out, you could also include on-scene pictures of your faucet’s breakdown. Check out the photo tips provided at the bottom of the page. However, you could opt to call them directly. It’s more convenient to communicate the breakdown verbally and get an instant response. You definitely want to fix the issue and get your water system working again, right? Then make the right decision now!

 With all the Delta Faucet manufacturers’ support, it should be the perfect addition to any modern-day living space.

Key Takeaway

Alternatively, you can take the faucet handle to a reputable plumbing supply store and try comparing it to the pictures of available Delta faucets. Ask the clerk to help you identify the model number. You don’t necessarily need to remove the cartridge when doing this. However, if you’d like to do it, turn off your home’s supply and unscrew the bonnet cap underneath the handle. Remove the cartridge and carry it to the store. The plumbing store will assist you to match the cartridge to the right Delta faucet.

Alternatively, when contacting a plumbing service, ask them for assistance with bringing the correct cartridge for replacement. With the expert knowledge of a professional, it could be easier to find the right parts than surfing the internet looking for suppliers.

The Bottom Line

With the above rudimental steps, it’s easier to find the model number of your Delta faucet. Follow the process and approach the company’s service with ease. Aside from offering the best faucets out there, Delta also delivers outstanding customer service. It does exactly what its customers desire. Plus their products are significantly affordable.

High-quality items that come at an affordable price are any homeowner’s dream when renovating or replacing household faucets. Although other options may be available on the market, opting for the Delta faucet will save time and effort in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to ask for expert opinions. After all, that is why they are there, to offer the best advice to their clients. Install the faucets that work best for you and your family to have a happy, modernized home.

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