Designing a Modern Home

For many people, finding their dream house is hard to make a reality. There is always something you need to compromise on, whether it be the number of rooms, garden space, or location. Usually, it is because the cost of your ideal home is far out of your budget, or it simply doesn’t exist. While many people are happy to settle for a property that closely resembles their dream house, others choose to go in a different direction. Designing and constructing a house from scratch is a big and exciting project that some people choose to take on to realize their vision. If you are thinking of trying this yourself and are looking to design a beautiful modern house, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Open-Plan Living

Open-plan living spaces are very commonplace in modern designs. It has huge benefits and certainly helps to increase the sense of space in the home, even if in a smaller building. It also helps to encourage families to spend more time together and is beneficial for entertaining. For example, if you’re preparing a meal for your guests, having an open-plan kitchen and diner allows you to chat with them rather than having to sequester yourself in the kitchen throughout the evening. Although it is necessary to incorporate some private spaces in the home, having the main living areas designed as open plan is still highly popular and a staple in modern home design. 

Natural Light

Another common feature in modern design is letting in as much natural light as possible. This is a fantastic technique, and it has been said that more exposure to natural light is beneficial to both your physical and mental health, which perhaps is part of the reason this design style is being used more and more. Large windows that take up entire walls might make some people feel as though they’re in a fishbowl, but finding the right blinds or curtains to hang can offer you the privacy you need. By day, you can look out at the vistas and flood your living space with light, and by night, you can lower your blinds to hide from any onlookers. Great examples of quality windows can be seen at Canon Double Glazing.

Garden Space

Decent garden space is always a desirable feature in domestic properties. Even if you’re not a keen gardener, think carefully about the design of your outdoor space when developing your building plans. A modern home should have a modern garden, and there are many elegant features you could add to the outdoor space, such as a water feature or even sculptures. Minimalist designs are usually found in modern builds, and your garden would do well to reflect that, too. 


In the last decade, concern for the planet and environment has become a mainstream topic that the majority of the population is increasingly concerned about. It is because of this realization about how the planet is being affected by humans that more and more people are turning to sustainable living and trying to be more conscious of that in architectural design. It could add even more value to your property, as it is becoming a more desirable feature, as well as saving you money on energy costs. Although the upfront costs of installing solar panels, low-flow showers, taps, and toilets, as well as many other eco-friendly elements, might appear expensive, it is highly likely to be worth your while once you see how it can reduce your energy bills. You may also want to consider environmentally friendly building materials when it comes to the construction of your modern home, too. 


When designing your new home, remember to think about adding a good amount of storage space to the plans. Areas like basements and attics are good to include, but other, larger closet spaces to store cleaning appliances, food, and other items that are best left out of sight should also be worked into your design. This will help you to keep your home neat and tidy, avoiding the clutter that might spoil the spacious and sleek image modern houses are best known for. 


Finally, for a truly modern feel to the interior of your home, consider choosing a minimalist décor. This doesn’t mean everything has to be painted white and the rooms left empty, but neutral or softer tones tend to achieve the minimalist look best. Even a statement wall in a bolder color could work very well. Furnishings and additional artwork to adorn the walls will help to add personality to your home, but understated elegance would complete the modern look. 

Designing a home from scratch is a big challenge, but being able to create your ideal home is a wonderful thing to do. If you’re thinking about taking on a project like this and want to stick to a modern design, follow the tips above to help you during the process.  

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor.

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