How to Create an At-Home Spa

Do you dream of relaxing in a blissful oasis every day? Maybe you should consider transforming that cluttered junk room in your home into the ultimate spa experience. We have all heard about the simplicities of heating a towel, trying a facemask, exfoliating and so on; but have you ever seen the transformation pictures of clutter rooms to spas? It has happened, and you can make it work for you, too! If you’re ready to completely de-stress almost anytime you like, keep reading to find out everything you need to do to create your very own spa at home. 

Choose a room & declutter

After reading the introduction to this article, are you wondering how you can turn your home into a spa? It is possible, proving you have the room for it. We all have that one room in our house that is filled with rubbish and clutter we definitely do not need anymore. You should take time out and think if you can repurpose any rooms in your home. Do you truly need that guestroom, or can your guests try the sofa for a few nights? Repurposing a room can be a daunting task, especially if you’re consistently busy and can’t find the time to do clean up.

Experts recommend that you declutter over time; but if you’d like to completely declutter your room in the one go, it is possible. Firstly, try clear space for you to work on – sometimes the best option is a bed or a tabletop. Any flat surface will do as this will provide a platform for you to separate items neatly. This way, you won’t have piles of clutter building up. Second, try to start in one space within the room then promptly work your way around. As you’re going, put all your clutter into bin bags so they’re easily disposable. Decluttering might just be the start of your zen spa experience. Don’t have a break yet though! Relaxation is coming. 

Choose what you love

Now that your spare room is decluttered, you can now move onto the thinking process. If you have ever been to a spa day or had a massage elsewhere, think about what you truly loved about this process. To prevent yourself from struggling with what you love, think back to the spa day or massage and use descriptive words about your time there. Usually, when we do this, these words will relate to the things we enjoyed the most because it is what we remember about that event. 

Did you love the massage itself? The scent of the products? The warm towels? The snacks afterwards? Since this is going to be your relaxation space, you can make the final decision when it comes to what is going to be included in the room. If you want a hot towel press you deserve one. The same goes for everything else. There is no harm in having a snack table in the corner of the room if this will make you happy!


From here, it is your time to shine by designing the room. Firstly, consider your colour scheme – what colours make you feel the most relaxed? We recommend pastel and paler colours to free your mind of stress and body of tension. Whichever palette you choose will be the right one. Keep in mind that the spa sensation often includes elements of nature, so add some greens into the space too. 

Second, to choose what type of flooring you purchase for your at-home spa room, you should consider if the room will consist of a lot of moisture. For example, if you are going to add a small sauna, a bath or other steam and water-based products, then you’ll want to avoid hardwood flooring. This is because it can’t withstand excess moisture levels. Instead, try tiles, laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tiles. There are so many other choices so be sure to do some research before installation. 

Finally, think about what you want to include in your room. Decorating your spa shouldn’t only consist of small accessories, but larger items such as massage tables, small tranquil water features and similar items. Pampering yourself shouldn’t be something you do once in a while, it should be a recurring activity to keep you happy. An at-home spa is a perfect place to do so!

Purchase some accessories 

There are so many different accessories you can buy for your spa room. Again, ask yourself what you want to gain out of your experience. This will then aid you in creating an all-encompassing list of the accessories you’d like to see when in the room. Consider candles, fluffy towels, robes, hot stones, massage items and some nature like plants and flowers. Don’t forget to include some larger items. For example, if you like the sound of a snack table, don’t hesitate in investing in some lovely table décor from world class interior designers like Penny Morrison. Treat yourself to the max. 

Set the mood 

Your spa room is yours for a reason. You can decide what to do with it. It is your choice what items to have in it, how often you spend in there and so on. One thing you must not forget is that it is a place for you to wind down and relax, even if you’re not stressed. Ending a busy and stressful Friday at work can be difficult as it takes hours if not a full day to come down and separate yourself from the work mindset. But your spa will hopefully provide some safe space for you to do this and let go almost immediately. 

Experts recommend that this is even more possible by investing in some fantastic colour changing lights. This will allow you to have remote access from your phone or remote control to change the light settings. Here, you can change the colour, dim and brighten until your heart is content. 

Follow these tips to create an at-home spa you will treasure!

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