How To Create A Minimalist Garden

While many people dream of having their garden filled with lots of different zones and features, others opt for a minimalist design. Of course, creating a minimalist design is not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t have much experience.

To help you achieve this, we are going to give you some tips on creating a minimalist garden in your home and maintaining it to have the desired effect. Keep reading to find out more about this. 

Do Some Research 

Our first tip is to have a look online at some of the other minimalist designs that people have gone for in their garden. You might be under the impression that minimalist means completely bare but once you start doing your research, you’ll notice that this is not the case. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and examples online that you can use to get started on figuring out exactly what you want from your minimalist garden.

Choosing The Materials

If you really want to create a minimalist appearance in your garden, then you need to think about the materials that you are going to use. In 2019, we would suggest using concrete, glass and steel as these can create the perfect design. However, you need to make sure that you are avoiding the industrial look as much as you can to make your garden still appear welcoming. Without the right materials, you might not be able to achieve the desired effect. 

Adding Water Features

A minimalist garden can often look quite bare and so you need to think about adding some simple features to make this garden somewhere that you’d like to spend time in. One of the best ways to do this is to add a water feature that is simple in design and can add a bit of atmosphere. Think about simple water fountains, a small pond and other features that can improve your garden and create the perfect minimalist place.


One of our most important tips for those who want to create a minimalist garden is to make sure that you are maintaining it. If you spend a lot of time working on your garden design and then let it deteriorate over time, then you might regret this. This is why you need to think about watering your grass using sprinklers, keeping hedges trimmed to the correct height and cleaning any features carefully and often. Many people trust their sprinkles to carry out this job, but these often break and cause problems. To fix this, you can call sprinkler and drip system repairs professionals and make sure that your garden stays maintained.


In a minimalist garden, the lighting is very important and if you are going to be spending time in your garden at night then you need to have the right fixtures. This is a minimalist design, so you don’t want to overcrowd your garden with lots of light sources. Consider focusing on one part of your garden such as the area that you will use for entertaining. Try to be as sparing with your lighting as possible while lighting it enough to make it comfortable to sit in. 


In your garden, you’ll not want to have too much going on, but it is a good idea to create some sort of zone that you can use for entertaining or spending time when you want to relax outside. Many people use a trellis or a hedge to create zones but in this minimalist garden, you’ll want to create your zones in a more subtle way. Think about cutting the grass in a different direction or using small stones to create the zones. Try to remember the theme of the garden and you should be able to come up with something impressive.

The Cost

When you are creating your minimalist garden, you also need to be aware of the overall cost. While this design is quite simple, you might find that some of the materials that fit in with the design can be quite expensive to purchase. You should also make sure that you budget for certain things such as sprinklers, maintenance and other repairs that might need to take place over time. While something might not be expensive initially, it might cost you more cash to repair as time goes on. Look at the overall cost and you can figure out if you can afford this sort of garden. 

If you like the minimalist design, then you’ll love how your garden looks when you finally finish it. Think about the types of materials that you are going to use and make sure that you keep your garden as welcoming as possible while still managing to achieve this overall look.

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