How To Choose The Best Company For Your Home Renovations

Thinking about your dream kitchen, bathroom or living room is often the start of a great renovation, however finding the right renovation contractor is essential to get the results you need. This individual or company will be tearing down your walls and using your money to replace each of your rooms. Therefore, it’s important that you enjoy working with the individuals completing the project, ensuring you can remain on the same page throughout each and every stage. We have all heard of the stories of homeowners who ended up working with a contractor who didn’t complete the work to a high standard, or simply disappeared leaving the project half finished- you don’t want to become one of these people! Follow these steps to ensure you find the right renovation business for your project. 

01. Search For Recommendations

Start your process by looking for around 10 local contractors who have the skill sets and knowledge to complete the project for you. By choosing around 10, you give yourself enough businesses to compare when it comes to narrowing down your list. You can create this list by asking friends who have recently had renovations about their experience, look at online reviews, or even usual social media platforms to ask others about local recommendations. Make sure you look at each option in-depth, ensuring you don’t waste any spaces on your list. 

02. Compare Contractor Portfolios

Once you have created your list, it’s time to compare portfolios. Look at the contractors who specialize in the remodelling you need. For example, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you don’t want to choose a business who specializes in patios. Ask each of these contractors for a portfolio of former projects similar to your own. Make sure these projects are all from the last year or two to ensure the work is recent. A good portfolio will consist of 7 to 10 projects, however this will differ from contractor to the next. In general, the portfolio should also include blueprints and sketches that occurred prior to the completion of the work, as this will help to create an idea of how the contractor in question approaches each project. For a great portfolio, you can look at award-winning Calgary Renovations done by Reborn Renovations directly on their website. 

03. Check All References

By now you should have narrowed your list to the top 4 to 5 candidates and it’s time to begin looking through references. Any reputable contractor will have a list of references available for you to go through. In general, they will have around 10 different options with the dates of the jobs that were completed. You can then begin contacting each reference, creating a detailed list of notes as you do so. Some references may even allow you to visit their home to see the end results in person. 

04. Begin Taking Bids For The Project

After you are down to your final few candidates, each contractor will provide you with a proposal for your project with an estimated cost. This may also include a timeline for the project as well as the key materials that will be used. It’s important to note that going for the lowest price may not always be the best option. Some contractors may prefer to use more expensive materials, which will result in higher prices but also better results. Think about the overall aims and objectives of your project and this will help to determine which bid is the most suitable option for you. 

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