How Can Burglar Bars Help To Keep Your Home Safe?

It’s common knowledge that burglars and housebreakers gain entry through open gates, doors, and windows. In case you’ve already installed the necessary locks and other security measures for your gates and doors, and you’re now looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to secure your windows, then you should consider installing burglar bars. But how can these steel bars protect your home from potential assailants? Continue reading this article to learn more about burglar bars, and how they help keep your home and family safe.

Here’s How

Deterrent security measures are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to keep attackers from targeting your property. One particularly effective way to deter infiltrators is to install burglar bars on your windows, as infiltrators usually steal from homes that are unobtrusively easy to enter. 

Burglar bars are a set of several metal rods connected to a metal framework that is installed over your windows. The metal fixture will be secured to your home’s structural frame by using bolts or screws to ensure that they are not easily dismantled or damaged in the event of an infiltration. 

These metal bars over your windows cannot be removed without the use of sophisticated tools or without producing plenty of noise while in the process of dismantling it, forcing would-be burglars to look for easier targets. 

In addition to being a crime deterrent and an increase in one’s sense of security, these metal bars can also benefit you in other ways, such as:

Child And Pet Safety Feature

Burglar bars do not only prevent infiltrators from entering your property but can also serve as a child and pet safety feature. It can act as a barrier to eliminate the risks of children or pets from falling out of windows. This can allow you to have more peace of mind in case someone in your household leaves an open window, or your child accidentally unlocks a window in your house. 

In the United States alone, there are over 3,300 cases of children falling out of open windows each year. Injuries resulting from a fall will often require surgery, physical therapy, and long-term healing. The emotional and physical trauma of an unfortunate event like this can have a debilitating effect on the child and the entire family. 

Weather Protection

As summer and spring storms rip through your neighborhood, your home can suffer damages from debris, flying branches, falling trees, rain, hail, and high winds. Luckily, window bars can also help protect your home in the event of storms. These metal bars can block out debris and flying branches, which can result in broken windows, physical injuries, and damage to property. 

Day And Night Security

If you’re living in a neighborhood with high crime rates, break-ins can happen at any time of day. Burglar bars don’t need to be manually closed or locked as it is fixed to the structural frame of your home. High-quality window bars are incredibly robust and cannot be damaged or cut without difficulty. In an event where intruders attempt to gain entry through your windows, they will still need to find a way to silently break or dismantle the metal fixture without alerting you or your neighbors.

Increased Home Value

If you’re looking to sell your house in the future, existing security solutions such as burglar bars can significantly increase the value of your property. With the ever-rising cases of home invasions and burglaries around the world, house buyers are now more willing to pay extra for safety features. Custom-made burglar bars can also add a complementing detail to your home, which can also increase your property’s value.

Lets Fresh Air Inside Your Home

Window bars don’t affect the access of fresh outside air and light, unlike window shutters that block out outside air and sunlight from entering your home. Burglar bars can keep your home safe while still allowing nature to brighten and freshen up the rooms of your home. This allows you to safely work in any part of your house without the risks of criminals like thieves or robbers gaining entry through open windows.

Closing Thoughts

As burglary and home invasion cases rapidly increase each year, having reliable and trustworthy security solutions are essential to keep your home safe. Installing burglar bars in your home will be an effective and practical way to deter criminals from breaking into your property. Also, always remember to lock and double check your windows and doors before going to work or going to sleep.

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